Dynasty returns with some changes to the roster

December 21, 2018 16:43

Coming into the Autumn Invitational, Dynasty (ex-Vision Gaming) was considered as one of the favorites.

In the end, they were able to defend their title from the Summer Season, but it wasn’t as easy as some may have expected it to be.

Now, they’ve left their previous organization and made some roster changes.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is going to affect the team.

To find out more, we decided to have a chat with Angel.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one.

First of all, you've no longer representing Vision Gaming and your back to your original home it seems - Dynasty.

Can you please tell us what's the reason behind this?

We decided to leave Vision Gaming due to some internal problems in the organization.

I will not share detailed information.

For now, we think it's best to play under our own name again.

You had one hell of a ride in the Autumn Invitational, where you managed to defend your title and win the EURASIA part of the bracket.

Looking back at the season, are you happy how things went for you and is there something you would have done differently?

Everything went smoothly in the Invitational apart from the couple close games against S2 Gaming in the Semi-Finals.

We could have easily lost the series at any point.

Next time we should probably prepare more individually before we start playing tournaments.

In the Grand Finals against CSPG Gaming, you dropped the first map Bureau, but you were able to come back and win three maps straight in a row after that.

What happened to your Terrorist side on Bureau since you couldn't win a single round?

Keep in mind that Bureau was the first map that was played on Asian servers.

All of us had extremely high ping which is something we usually never experience anymore with the competition being kept in Europe only for us.

We did as good as we could to try to get a good round balance in order to play the fifth map (if it came to that) on our server.

On the terrorist side, they used the ping advantage really well and didn't give us much of a chance to beat them but also played well.

Do you think the Grand Finals would have ended differently if "Adjure" didn't clutch it out in the end on Plaza?


Adjure was probably the only reason we won Plaza when he made us win some important rounds.

The whole map was pretty chaotic for us but we knew that we already had a very good round balance and most likely the server pick for the potential last map which gave us a confidence boost and lead to us winning Plaza on their server.

At this point we were even more confident since we just defeated them on European servers with a pretty big score difference - I believe it was 13-5 on Canals.

Now, both "Str0ng" and "QuaredY" left your team.

What's the reason for this and do you think this is justified considering you won both of the seasons?

I decided to remove them from the team due to various reasons which I am also not going to go into.

When you say that we won the last two seasons you have to remember that in this season we decided to replace Str0ng on the roster which means he wasn't instrumental to this season but yes, he helped us win the season before the invitational.

Quaredy played both seasons and did his part.

Yet there's a lot that's going on behind the scenes in teams which spectators do not see.

One of those things is how the players get along and develop chemistry together. In this case, we felt like we can't work with these two players and therefore decided to remove them.

Winning does not necessarily mean that the team could not have done better and this is something a lot of teams do not realize.

You will have to adapt to stay on top.

Do you already have players that replaced them, or at least some new players in mind?

Yes, we are currently trialing one player called Loxi and I have another player in mind that I might add to trials.

Also, we had Cheeseman in the team who didn't play last season because he was new to the team and who might replace them.

In your opinion, how do you think these changes will reflect on the team and do you think you still have what it takes to win the upcoming season?

The decision was more or less mutual in the team and this will only affect us in a beneficial way.

We obviously want to repeat what we have done but we will have to wait and see what the future brings.

If we happen to not come first this season this does not mean that our decision to get rid of the two players was wrong.

Nobody knows what the reason for the loss would be and to be honest I don't want to speculate either since in this community things can change overnight.

What is your general opinion on the system once for the games between the region and do you think it's put well together or is there something you would have changed?

I really dislike cross-regional tournaments, especially when the pings are higher than 100-150.

Some regions are used to play with and against high pings which gives them an advantage over others. I personally would not miss them if they were removed.

We've seen a couple of changes in Europe, with SetToDestroyX disbanding, and Kings Uprising coming as a very strong team.

Looking at the scene now, how do you consider as the toughest opponent or the team that might stand out?

Right now the toughest opponent is probably King's Uprising but like I said anything can happen tomorrow and a new team might become better again.

Elevate also usually rebuilds before a tournament happens.

Something you wish to say to your fans?

Hey bandwagoners and true fans!

We will try our best to not disappoint you in the upcoming season but if we do, we already know the bandwagoners will change their direction and the rest will stay.

We will do our best and no, Vision did not disband!

Dynasty is still looking strong, and we’re looking forward to seeing them perform with the changes in the lineup.

You can follow Dynasty at - @DynastyiOS

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