Dynamic Gaming looking to leave a mark in North American scene

April 1, 2019 14:43

Dynamic Gaming is one of the up and coming teams in the North American region.

With relatively young and unestablished players representing the team, they have set their goals to leave a mark in the scene.

In order to find out a short history about the team and to see which is their current roster among other things, we decided to talk with LegendxJuice.


Please introduce your team and tell us how this lineup got together?

Dynamic Gaming is a rising eSports Org consisting of various teams.

It first expanded to C-ops in August of 2018, and we have been growing and getting better ever since!

Most of our current roster has played together for over a year before DyG picked up the team.

Our main 5 is subject to change, but it currently includes the following:

Legend-Juice - IGL, support

ThunderS - Bomb carrier, support

vFire - Lurker, rifler

Smiley - Sniper


We've seen a lot of players leave or retire from Critical Ops in the recent past.

What are your thoughts on that?

It is sad to see so many players leaving the scene. It seems as if every day, someone decides to leave. I have hope for the future of the game, with or without players who have left.

Most of the players who are still playing, likewise myself, are very passionate about the game and won’t be giving up on it yet.

We see this in Joker as well.

Much respect to all the OG’s who are still here.


Overall, in your opinion, what is the state of the North American Critical Ops Scene?

Would you say it's easier now to complete in the region?

Being on a team that has competed versus pro teams before most left the scene, and comparing that to the current day, it is definitely easier to compete now.

Which team is the best at the moment and why?

It’s very tough to pick one team that stands out as of now.

Though, I would have to say IFL.

They are the most experienced, but also one of the least active teams at the moment.

Many other teams, new and old, have risen up over the last few months.

Team Versi seems like a really solid and strong team as well.

If you had to say one thing that makes your team special or better compared to the rest, what would that be and why?

The thing that really sets us apart from most teams is a gift in our main lineup.

We have played together for so long that we understand each other very well, and play together very well!

Most teams have mixed in players here and there, which means they haven’t built up the best chemistry.

I am a big believer in good teamwork over individual skill, and I do believe that’s what DyG has.

Your team mostly consists of rather new names.

In your opinion, do you think you can compete with some of the best teams in the region which feature very experienced players compared to Dynamic Gaming?

All though most of us don’t have the T1/T2 experience, that other teams have, we do have players who have played together for over a year together.

With some recent roster changes, as well, we have a roster that I do believe and has shown, can compete with the best teams.

Comments on your recent team results in the cups.

Did you beat any top tier teams?

This is a tough question to approach.

There aren’t a whole lot of top tier teams playing in tournaments that only offer in-game credit prizes.

Whilst a few of the NA scenes best teams have competed, we have come up close many times, but not been successful in bringing home any recent tournament wins.

We have had a lot of top 4 finishes recently, but not been able to finish games and finish tourneys as we would like to.

This doesn’t mean we should be counted out yet though! I believe with our most recent roster changes, we can beat the best of the best.

We have shown in scrims that we can beat top tier teams when we are all on our A game.

We will have to prove it in the upcoming Liquid Major.

Your thoughts on the recent Critical Ops updates.

A few notable changes that really change the comp scene are the total amount of rounds in games and the vector.

The vector really isn’t game changing and isn’t used as much as you’d think, but the rounds being changed from 13, to win, to 16 is a big change!

In my opinion, this changes the game a lot.

It gives more opportunities to try out different strats on T side in games.

If something isn’t working, there are more rounds to play around with to fix what’s wrong and win games.

Anything you want to share with the community?

I want to thank all the supporters of DyG and all those who have helped us achieve many goals through the last year!

Especially all those who were there from day1, as well as Thunder, Smiley, Fire, and our amazing CEO, Fatal!

I love you all and you should expect BIG things from DyG in the future.

Also, DyG is going to be giving away a free DyG jersey at 2,000 discord members so don’t be afraid to join up and say hi!

Discord - Dynamic Gaming

It’s great to see a team working their hardest in order to bring it to the next level.

We hope to see a lot more from Dynamic Gaming in the future.

You can follow them at - @DynamicNationUS

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