Disobey: The New European team on the block

March 15, 2019 15:35

Continuing with our exploration of the newly formed European Critical Ops Teams.

Today, we’d like to introduce Disobey, a team that got remade since last month.

To find out more about the team’s previous history and which players represent them among other things, we’ve decided to have a chat with their in-game leader Crime.


Tell us about the history of your team and the players that are currently representing it.

Disobey was founded back in July 2018 by me (Crime) but it was a private scrim team for fun and I never decided to go public till October 2018.

We faced some problems and disbanded in less than a month because of the lack of my leading experience.

After that I remade the team for 2 times and failed them both cause of some un-loyal players .

I decided to remake Disobey for the last time at the start of February 2019 after gaining as much experience as I can and until our day the team is still a success, standing strong and showing up with the help of its main 7:

Crime (IGL/Sniper)

Kane (Lurker)

Ku Bul (support)

Banana (Entry)

Jokew (Sniper)

Enigma Kun (Entry/Support)

Mosancy (Entry/Support)

If you had to describe your team with 1 sentence, what would that be?

“We're not like the others”.

Recently, we've seen a lot of teams coming to the EU scene.

What is your opinion on the current state of the scene?

You can say the EU scene is the most active scene currently and it is stacked with a lot of clans, but let's not forget that more than 50% of the newly made clans are struggling to last for more than 2 weeks cause of their players searching for teams with big names to hop in them instead of making their own team big , so they hop from team to team and the disbanding saga continues.

In your opinion, who's the number one team right now and why?

I'm no one to decide who's the number one team currently but in my opinion, nobody is a clear number one as big teams in Europe like E8 and Kings, for example, are losing to some newly made teams.

All I can say that there's a lot of upcoming competitive teams all are fighting to be on top.

Would you say your team is special compared to the rest of the teams?

Yes, we have some very unique personalities and we believe that sets us apart from the rest.

Will you take part in the Team Liquid cup - what are your expectations?

We will for sure take part in Team Liquid tournament cause as I have heard there will be qualifiers and we will do our best to be one of them as this tournament will be a good opportunity for us to show up in the scene and be one of the top teams in Europe.

What's your opinion on the recent Critical Ops patches?

Critical Ops is doing great work as for the game itself but not as for its competitive scene.

We're seeing lack of tournaments, lack of organizations, lack of original content creation, and things are just not as it used to be, plus there are the servers that are the most important thing in this game.

Want to share something to your community?

I just want to say thank you to all the supporters that were here since the start and will stay till the end.

I'd also like to thank all the haters out there for making us stronger day after day and making us practice, even more.

Never give up just learn from your mistakes cause what comes easy doesn't last and what lasts doesn't come easy.

We’re glad to see the scene growing each day.

Disobey might be a new team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t build a name for themselves in the future events.

We wish them the best of luck!

What are your thoughts on Disobey?

Can they do damage in the European scene?

Let us know in the comments below.

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