Deceptic: If you want your team to be successful, don’t rush!

July 24, 2018 17:00

Competing in the North American scene is far from easy.

Team Virus 5“ is a team that was mentioned a lot as one of the favorites to advance from the qualifiers to the Valiance Summer Season Group Stage.

They managed to do it and are going to play against the top tier competition for the very first time.

To understand how they feel about it and to see what are the biggest reasons for their success, we decided to make an interview with the team manager – „Deceptic“.


Hi Deceptic, tell us a little bit about your team, players and their roles in the team.

Virus 5 was created back in March-April time by "Rebalo".

He is also the leader of the team.

From the beginning, we had very good and underrated players that are still striving to make their name.

At the start, we were not really looking to push ourselves into tournaments just yet because the team needed more practice to beat bigger teams like "IFL", "D2R", and "Gankstars".

So we took a few months to perfect our skills and eventually we started getting a lot better and were making a bigger name while also defeating a few bigger teams.

Once we started to get more consistent, we decided that it was time to play in tournaments.

This whole thing took about 4 months, however, in the end, I think it is worth it and we have really shown a big deal of improvement!

A lot of teams expected you to advance to the Group Stage.

What is the main reason for that?

The main reason that many people expected us to pass into the group stage is that they have seen us play in past scrims and know that we have played and won against many good top-tier teams.

We also have some players that are known around the community to be pretty good.

They are still striving to make a bigger name for themselves.

This is obviously your very first time of reaching the Group Stage of a Valiance tournament.

What does this mean to you and your team?

Yes, this is the very first premiere that we are debuting in.

Valiance is one of the biggest tournament hosts in Critical Ops, and to have reached a milestone as big as this for the first time is a memory that will always stay with us.

We are very ecstatic to have an opportunity to compete with the top-tier teams and soon you will see us shine.

You dominated the Valiance Summer Season Open Qualifiers as you lost only 11 rounds over the course of 4 maps.

Can you tell us about the opponents you've played against and which team was the toughest one to beat?

Well for the first game, we played against "Super Kings", who was not exactly a semi-pro team yet but they did give their best shot at winning and that’s what matters.

Next up, we faced "ViRa".

I have seen "ViRa" in many matches and their players, however, they were a fairly new team when we played them and therefore, it limited their gameplay.

We went on facing "Arsenal" after that.

Arsenal“ used to have a very big name after almost beating „D2R“ in the past.

This was almost a year ago and I haven’t seen them ever since.

Finally, we played against "Virtual".

This was our toughest match.

Virtual“ brought their A-game, but in the end, it was us that won the game.

What is your opinion on the format of the qualifiers?

Do you think the results would be any different if it wasn't a best-of-one?

I think the qualifiers are in a perfect format.

Qualifiers are needed and they give the team's a chance to show their skill and evaluate them for whether they are worthy enough to advance to the Group Stages.

I do not think there would have been a difference if it were not best of one for us because we beat all our opponents without letting them get more than 5 rounds.

I think if it weren’t a best of one, „Sui Generis“, who is Exile’s second opponent could have been able to do better.

However, don’t get me wrong „Exile“ is a very good team and they truly deserve to be in the Group Stages.

You are going to play against the best North American teams in the Group Stage.

There is also Team Exile that managed to win their part of the qualifiers.

How would you rate your chances in this phase of the competition?

"Exile" is a tough opponent, so it is truly not going to be an easy match against them.

At the moment I don’t think I can tell who we are able to beat.

The biggest challenge that we have is "Gankstars" since they are already known as the no. 1 team is Critical Ops.

We are practicing every day to make sure that we are able to take the crown from "Gankstars".

What place are you striving for in the Valiance Summer Season and do you see yourself advancing to the playoffs?

Honestly, this is our first tournament.

We aren't expecting much expect some tournament experience so we can elaborate in the future.

I'd say it would be great if we can get the top 3 spot at the end.

We would be pretty content with that.

Yes, I believe if we train hard enough, I think we could be able to make it to the playoffs!

Would you like to say something to the fans and followers of your team?

Just a tip: If you want your team to be successful, don’t rush your team.

It could take two years but in the end, you will probably feel accomplished.

The biggest mistake is killing your team because you think you can’t run it anymore.

Also shoutout to "Fellen" and "Rebalo", some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

We hope „Team Virus 5“ will bring their A game to the Group Stage and cause a few upsets along the way.

We also thank Deceptic for his time and we wish the team the best of luck.

What do you think about Virus 5?

Let us know in the comments!

You can follow Team Virus 5 at - @virus5cops

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