D2R vs Gankstars overview

March 3, 2018 14:45

A long rivalry

One of the great rivalries in C-Ops has to be the one between two of the top North American teams -"Gankstars" and "D2R".

These teams have been going back and forth in the past, but recently things have changed and “Gankstars” have gained the upper hand and showed why they are the reigning champions.

In the previous season "Gankstars" have finished first in the North American Group Stages, with "D2R" coming up second.

These rivals always had tight and thrilling games and we don't expect it’s going to be any different this time.

The past three matches between the two teams in C-ops competitions have ended with “Gankstars” winning, but not by much.

The scores were “13-9” ; “13-8” and “13-11”.

All three of these matches were really exciting to watch and always had the fans on the edge of their seats.


"D2R" didn't have the best start of their Winter Season as they lost to "IFL" with 13-7.

However, in the second week, they showed us what they are made of.

Their first match of week 2 was against "Team Pharaohs".

They lost the first two rounds but later on regained their composer and won the match 13-11.

In their second match of the week they faced off against "Infinity Forge”.  

This match was definitely good for their team spirit, as they dominated and secured their second victory of the week with a 13-1 scoreline.


In the first week of Critical Ops Winter Season, "Gankstars" won their match against "Impreza" 13-8.

This gave them a much needed boost coming into the second week, where they had to face off against “IFL".

Unfortunately for them, last week the news came out about one of their best players hacking (“Elite”).

This is definitely not something any team wants to find out about their player, especially not in the same week when you need to face a top team in "IFL".  

Needless to say, the match didn't go well for "Gankstars" and they lost 13-6.

This was a huge defeat for them as they were probably considered the best team in the world.  

We are sure they will come back from this incident and prove to everyone how much damage they can really do.

Our prediction

Looking at how both teams played so far, it looks like "D2R" should win this match, but not by much.

It’s really hard not to see "Gankstars" as favorites, as they are still a talented team with skillful players.

However, all the problems at the moment must be a distraction, and it affected them in their last match.

The stats are on the "Gankstars" side, but the last match was played during last season.

We are sure it’s going to be a close game that can go either way.

Definitely a match you want to see if you like C-Ops!

We wish both teams the best of luck!

You can watch the match on our Youtube channel youtube.com/valiancegg at 7:15 PM EDT.

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