D2R, Gankstars and Impreza prevail in the second week of NA

August 10, 2018 15:13

What have we seen in the 2nd week of NA Summer Season?

Some that went down to the wire and others that ended up as expected.

In case you missed any of them, here is a recap of what happened.

Could have been anyone's game

Hammers Esports vs D2R

Map: Canals

D2R started off on the Terrorist side and opted to rush toward the A bomb spot.

However, their push was easily stopped as Hammers Esports lost only a single player.

In the next two eco rounds, HE had no issue defending the sites and further extending their lead.

HE's „High-c“ triple frag spray down on B long with the AK-47 in the second round was impressive to see.

In the first gun round of the match, D2R's „Kam“ and „Akjon“  got some crucial kills, allowing their team to get to the B bomb spot and get the first round.

Even though HE's „Fish_Bits“ got the entry frag with the U-ratio, D2R managed to overrun the A bomb spot defense in the next round.

Luckily for them, „Vitaly“ was able to retake the bomb spot in the one-versus-two situation and stick the defuse without getting killed.

In the following round, D2R once again pushed the A bomb spot and this time they were successful as „High-C“ was not able to replicate what „Vitaly“ did in the previous round.

This brought Hammers Esports to the eco round, which D2R had no problem winning.

Next round featured a somewhat even exchange of frags, with HE's „High-C“ going big in the end by winning a one-versus-one against „Milio“.

D2R changed their playstyle a bit going toward the B bomb spot and middle portion of the map in the next two rounds.

They got both rounds and tied the score.

In the 11th round of the match, Hammers Esports aggressive play in the middle didn't pay off.

Milio“, „Mere Mere“ and „Akjon“ all got their entry kills, leaving HE with little chance to win the round.

D2R also won the last round of the half, entering the second half with a 2 round lead.

After the side swap, D2R's „Kam“ got a nice opening frag with the revolver on B long.

This forced HE to rotate all the way to the A bomb spot, where D2R was more than ready for them and clinched the round in convincing fashion.

Hammer Esports stepped up big time in the following eco round as „Fish_Bits“ and „God“ got their kills on the A bomb spot, not allowing D2R to pull a retake later in the round.

This put D2R on a double eco round, evening out the score once again.

In the 17th round, Hammers Esports rushed the B bomb spot, but D2R „Mere Mere“ and „Milio“ got the double kill each which stopped the push.

Already in the round after that, HE went for the A-bomb spot and this time, „God“, „vBlueice“ and „High-C“ all got the entry frags, leaving „Kam“ as the sole survivor of the team.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't deliver in one-versus-four.

HE continued with an incredible performance and they got the following three rounds, putting themselves onto a match point.

Right after that, D2R began their monumental comeback.

In the 22nd round, HE got the bomb plant on the B bomb spot with a one man disadvantage.

Later on in the round D2R's „Mere Mere“ and „Toast“ managed to retake it and defuse the bomb.

In the following round, D2R's „Kam“ and „Akjon“ got multiple kills which stopped the push and won yet another round for D2R.

„God“ couldn't clutch a one-versus-two on the A bomb spot, which made the last round the deciding one.

The last round of the match featured a slow execution by Hammers Esports on the A bomb spot.

Once they decided to commit, almost all of the D2R players stepped up and finished the round with 3 players still being alive.

D2R won the match 13:12 after an amazing comeback!

This was a great match and it could have been anyone's game.

However, D2R stepped up in crucial moments and grabbed a deserved victory.

Great showing by the newcomers

Impreza vs UPR

Map: Grounded

Impreza kicked off the match on the Terrorist side and the first round came down to a one-versus-one on the A bomb spot.   

IMP's „Vulcan“ got the better of UPR's „Mxkeouthill“ and won the first point of the game.

Right after that, UPR stopped the Impreza push to the A bomb spot without much trouble, evening the score.

The following round came down to a one-versus-two on the B bomb spot where IMP's „Obzerps“ failed to deliver.

UPR showed some stellar defensive play in the upcoming three rounds, further extending their lead.

In the 7th round Impreza finally got their first point.

They planted the bomb on the A bomb spot and they managed to defend it, thanks to „Savior“ and „YungRetroz“.

Impreza rushed the A bomb spot in the next round that and UPR couldn't stop them once again.

Even though UPR's „vNathan“ got the kill at the start of the round, Impreza got the control of the A bomb spot later on, winning another round.

Until the end of the half, teams continued to trade rounds, with UPR ending the half with a 2 round lead.

After the swap, Impreza completely obliterated the middle push by UPR, as all of the players from their team survived in the end.

Impreza won the following eco round, but not the first buy round of the second half as „Savior“ couldn't stop the last two UPR players.

Teams traded the next two rounds.

Then Impreza stepped up big time on their Counter-Terrorist side and reached the match point, as UPR attempts were denied round after round.

UPR did get the 22nd round thanks to „Linkie“ winning a one-versus-one against „Savior“.

However, right after that, UPR's A bomb spot push didn't work at all, since Impreza’s players got the entry kills, making it impossible for UPR to recover later on.

Impreza won the match 13:10.

 Imperial played great on the Counter-Terrorist side and showed a lot of resilience after entering the second half two rounds behind

Can't lose a round

Gankstars vs Team Virus5

Map: Legacy

This game was all about Gankstars.

Gankstars showed perfect defense on the Counter-Terrorist side and Team Virsu5 didn't even come close to winning a round for the most part of the half.

Once the sides swapped, Gankstars pushed B bomb spot and Team Viru5 were unable to retake.

Gankstars dominated the match and won it 13:0.

That's it for this week of the North American matches.

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