D2R beats Gankstars in the third week of NA

August 17, 2018 15:25

After the third week of NA competition, we’re already halfway through the season!

Once again, we've witnessed some great games, with D2R ending the week at the top of the leaderboard.

Here is a recap of what happened.

D2R looking stronger than ever

D2R vs Gankstars

Map: Bureau

Gankstars started the match on the Counter-Terrorist side.

D2R’s „Toastt“ and „NewYork“ got the opening frags of the first round.

The round came down to a one-versus-two situation in favor of D2R, where GS's „siuL“ couldn't clutch it on the A-bomb spot.

D2R won the following eco round, but they were not able to deliver in the third round since „Alpha“ and „Kingeh“ successfully retook the A bomb spot and the bomb defuse.

Teams exchanged the next two rounds.

In the 6th round, D2R opted to go for the B bomb spot.

The round went back and forth until „Akjon“ and „Kam“ landed some nice shots which won it for D2R.

D2R got the quick plant in the following round, however Gankstars solid retake didn't leave „Akjon“ with much of a chance to clutch a one-versus-three situation.

In the 8th round Gankstars again deflected the A bomb spot push by D2R with relative ease.

Gankstars also won the following eco round and took the lead.

That didn't last long as D2R's B bomb spot split gotthem the round. „Kam“ lead the charge and gota double entry frag.

Until the end of the half each team won another round.

The score was tied at the half and it promised a thrilling second part of the game.

After the side swap, GS's „siuL“ got the entry frag on the B bomb spot, however a triple frag by „Akjon“ turned the situation around and D2R clinched the the round.

D2R won the eco round and the first buy round, as "Mere Mere“, "NewYork“, and „Kam“ performed exceptionally well in those rounds.

This put Gankstars once again on the eco round where we've seen D2R have a stellar defense again, losing only „Toastt“ in the B bomb spot rush.

In the 17th round, Gankstars tried to get the B bomb spot, but the double kill by „Akjon“ and a frag from „Kam“ put a complete stop to that attempt.

After that, Gankstars went again for the B bomb spot with more players going from the B long area and this time as well, D2R's „Akjon“ and „Kam“ got a double kill each, stopping the push.

The last round of the match went back and forth until GS's „siuL“ was left alone against „NewYork“, but unfortunately for his team, he didn't win that duel.

D2R won the match 13:6.

D2R showed impeccable defense in the second half of the game, where they  haven't lost a single round. Both „Kam“ and „Akjon“ played a huge role in this victory.

Decent showing by the newcomers

D2R vs Team Virus5

Map: Bureau

Team Virus5 began the match on the Terrorist half, with „Rebalo“ starting the game by fragging „Kam“.

They also got the bomb plant on the A bomb spot, which they were able to defend later on without too much trouble.

D2R went for a double eco round and Team Virus5 won both of the rounds.

In the following round, D2R got the round on the A bomb spot thanks to „NewYork“ who survived long enough and prevented Team Virus5 from planting the bomb.

After that, Team Virus5 pushed toward the A bomb spot and D2R's players were not able to stop it.

Kam“ was the last player standing, but he couldn't clutch it against „Scottde_FiShy“, „AgentAcex69“ and „UnderDART“.

Even though D2R was on eco in the following round, both „Mere Mere“ and „New York“ showed their skills on the A bomb spot, which won them the round.

D2R won the next four rounds, as they stepped up their defense.

In the 11th round, TV5's „iTzFlare“ got a nice opening and fragged „Akjon“ and „Mere Mere“.

This move allowed his team to get the round later on the B bomb spot.

D2R won the last round of the half, which gave them a 2 round lead coming into the second part.

Once the sides swapped, D2R decided to push fast toward the A bomb spot and Team Virus5 was not ready for that, as they lost four players right off the bat.

This left „AgentAceX69“ in one-against-four and he couldn't do much.

D2R won both eco rounds that followed.

For the first buy round of the second half, Team Virus5 had a great start as both „iTzFlare“ and „Scottde_FiShy“ won their opening duels, however, „Kam“ and „Akjon“ turned the round back into D2R’s favor.

Team Virus5 showed some nice teamplay in the 17th and 18th round, allowing them to get 2 more points.

After that, TV5's „Rebalo“ landed some nice shots in the middle portion of the map, making it hard for D2R to recover later on in this round.

In the last two rounds of the match, D2R showed class as they first got the eco round on the B Bomb spot, followed by a two-versus-two round situation win on the A bomb spot.

D2R won the match 13:8.

Kam“ was great in this match as he got 26 frags in total, 10 more than the second fragger in his team.

Very one-sided

Hammers Esports vs UPR

Map: Canals

Hammers Esports Terrorist side was superb in this match, as they only lost a single round in the first half.

After the side swap,  HE's „God“ won the one-versus-one against UPR's „vNathan“, making it next to improssible for UPR to make a comeback.

Hammers Esports won the match 13:1.

Dominant performance by Hammer Esports in this one.

Another great showing by Hammers Esports

Hammers Esports vs Impreza

Map: Canals

This time Hammers Esports played one of the greatest Terrorist halves ever, as they had a 12:0 lead coming into the second half.

Impreza won the pistol round in the second half and the following two eco rounds, but after that Hammer Esports stopped the A bomb spot push attempt by Impreza, which ended the match.

Hammers Esports won the game 13:3.

It's going to be interesting to see which teams are going to advance to the playoffs.

Are you surprised by any of the results and did you expect D2R to beat Gankstars so convincingly?

Let us know in the comments!

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