CycloneGG acquires UPR

August 16, 2018 15:49

UPR, one of the up-and-coming North American teams, has just been signed by a well known organization that has already been a part of Critical Ops before – CycloneGG.

UPR’s results in the Valiance Summer Season have not been great so far, but there is still enough time to get some wins under their belt.

To find out more, we decided to talk to Fearie, the team manager!

In the interview we talk about their new organization, expectations and the results of the season so far.


You've just been acquired by CycloneGG.

How does this make you feel and why did you decide to join this organization?

Of course, I feel great, haha.  

But more importantly, the team feels great.  

We’re excited to finally be able to represent a recognized organization.  

It’s only been a few days under CycloneGG and so far we have no complaints.  

Cyclone Cody is a down-to-earth sweet guy and we have the same aspirations and goals for the team.

CycloneGG reached out to us on Twitter last week.

We spoke for a few days before signing up with them.  

We aren’t as much “owned” by CycloneGG as in a partnership with them.

I still fully control the team in all aspects.  

UPR is just proud to play under a respected brand.

As Cody wisely said “We’re here to help you all grow.  If you grow and do well, we grow and do well.”

Our vision for the team lines up perfectly with theirs and the hospitality CycloneGG has shown us sealed the deal in the end.

Can you please tell us what kind support you will be receiving from the organization?

Currently, CycloneGG has pledged to advertise us as well give us exposure through their media partners to help UPR grow its own brand.

However, we did talk about financial compensation in the future including salaries and devices/accessories.  

We agreed to take some time before working that out.

Do you think having this kind of support can take your game to the next level?


UPR was doing well on its own.  

But there’s a big perceived difference between a team and a team under an org in the community.

Joining CycloneGG has, in a way, “legitimized” us in the Critical Ops scene and shown everyone we aren’t one-hit wonders who will fall back into the shadows after the season ends.

We realize now that our work has only just begun and we’re excited to take on the upcoming challenges.

Gankstars were your opponents in the first week of Valiance Summer Season.

You ended up losing that match 3:13 on Bureau.

What was the biggest issue for you in that matchup and did the map choice play a big role in your loss?

Our performance this Valiance season has been admittedly shaky - but not without good reason.  

Not only is this our first tournament- we also aren’t able to use our actual line-up - the same line-up that pushed us through the Qualifiers.  

This is due to school, work, and other time scheduling difficulties.

Our subs have done their best but without that same level of chemistry with each other and even less with our team, it threw us off balance.

We appreciate their efforts as well as our team’s - next season we’ll be back with our own fully home-grown line-up and that’s when you will see UPR’s true potential.

In the second week, you had a close game against Impreza and on Grounded. Impreza stepped up in the last rounds and got the win (10:13).

Can you walk us through this match and tell us what happened with your Terrorist side later on in the half?

After we began losing rounds on T-side, team morale began to fall.  

I partially blame myself as I wasn’t available at the time to push my team through.  

Usually, I sit in a call with the team to keep them focused and calm so the IGL can do what they do best which is to organize and execute strats.

That game should have been ours - we were ahead for a few rounds as well.  

But my lack of presence coupled with a roster that isn’t completely our own definitely affected the outcome.

In the last week, you face yet another top contender in the region – Hammer Esports.

Here you’ve suffered your biggest loss of the season so far – 1:13 on Canals.

What went wrong and did you expect the match to go this way?

Biggest loss?  


I don’t even consider that game a loss.  

Losses occur when you do not learn from mistakes.  

If you do learn from a mistake, it becomes a lesson instead.

We learned quite a bit from that game.  

Our main subs weren’t able to play so at the last minute we had to throw a few people in quickly who hadn’t practiced with us as much.  

And that’s what spiraled the game out of control for us.

In addition, Canals being one of Hammers’ home maps made it difficult for us to get rounds on them in our weakened state.

There are still several matches left before the end of the group stage.

Do you believe you can still advance to the playoffs?

I have always believed in my team.  

Even in the disadvantaged state, we are in without our main line-up, I still believe my team has the potential to make it to the playoffs.

It’ll be more difficult for us as compared to the other teams but it is possible.

What do you guys need to work on the most in order to compete against some of the best teams in the region?

Consistent exposure.  

Before Valiance we rarely had the opportunity to play top teams.  

Now we’re getting those chances often and we’ll be capitalizing on it.  

After the season ends, we’ll get back on that scrim grind and focus on playing and countering our opponents up here in the T1 arena.

We will also be signing up for smaller tournaments to get a feel for those teams again in a more competitive environment.

Anything you want to say to your fans or Critical Ops community?

Guys and gals, thank you for always believing in us.  

We started the Qualifiers on just a dream.  

We were an even younger team then, barely a month and a half old.

Had Deviant not encouraged us to sign-up, we wouldn’t even be here.  

Now we understand we have latent talent that is slowly being realized and shown.

We have so much more to show you all.  

After this season, we’ll take the next few months to work on ourselves.  

We’ll be fixing and developing newer and better strats.

We’ll be facing our top competitors more often and finding the chinks in their armor.  

We’ll be growing our current players and recruiting more like-minded talent.

Without the T1 experience, the players, or the strats, we made it far.  

Farther than any “unknown” team in North America ever has considering our age.  

Now watch us revitalize and come back even better.

And the best part is you all will be here for it.  

Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be here as quickly as we have.  

You keep us going and give us something worth fighting for.

Thank you for the endless support, nice comments, and the love.  

We won’t let you down.

We’d like to thank Fearie for yet another extensive interview!

We also wish CycloneGG best of luck in the upcoming matches and hope they’ll grab some wins.

You can follow CycloneGG at - @CycloneGG

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