CSPG Immortals: Gunning for the #1 spot in Asia

January 25, 2018 22:38

Let’s take a look at the Asian Region!

This time we’re featuring CSPG Immortals, the team that ended up third last season.

We had a chat with their manager, 'YourDeathWish', who gave us some great insights into their team.

In the interview, we discussed their previous performance, minor roster changes, and the recent changes of the Winter Season format among other things.

Hope you enjoy this one!

How does your roster look coming into the new season and what are the roles?

Our main five players look like this;

-BuRNzzZ ( Entry fragger )

-BlaDezZ  ( Support )

Stealth- ( Support )

-NyT ( IGL )

EvoLu71on ( Support/Lurker )




We haven’t made any significant changes to the roster except for the fact that Avi won’t be playing a pivotal role in this season and has been replaced by -NyT.

Zeus did leave your team back in December, but he did rejoin later on. Can you tell us what happened?

We’re glad to have Zeus back in the team as he’s always been the person to look forward to when we’re in a pinch.

In December Zeus was dropped from the lineup due to his lack of practice as he had some real-life problems going on and was new to claw.

You ended the last season in the third place. Are you satisfied with that result?

Of course, we aren’t satisfied with that result as we were in it to win it. Truth to be said we won the 3rd place by pure luck so we didn’t count that as an achievement.

We had our ups and downs the previous season and props to all other teams that did better.

In your opinion, what is the worst part of your team play at the moment, the part you really have to work on?

In my opinion, the worst part of our team play at the moment is our teamwork.

Each and every player prefers playing his own game rather then following the IGL.

We’ve been disciplining our members to listen to the IGL rather than getting overconfident in their own skills and taking the whole team down with them.

Recently we have introduced some changes to the Critical Ops Winter Season.

Do you like the changes, considering that you will only play regional teams in the tournament now?

Yes, I do like the changes for the Valiance winter season, but they do have some drawbacks.

As it’s only regional this time each and every team has the fair amount of opportunity to claim that 1000$ for themselves without having to worry about ping issues.

As for the drawbacks, we won’t be able to compete against other Top regional teams and gain more experience and input on the game.

P.S - We won’t be able to get our payback on New Era for last season.

Who do you think are the top teams in your region at the moment and why?

At the moment the top teams in our region are LeFP and No Mercy.

We haven’t played LeFP in scrims a lot so their gameplay and tactics are unknown to us plus they had the better of us last season on both occasions.

No mercy has gone through a lineup change and with the addition of ex Theocracy players, they’ll surely prove to be a greater challenge for us this season.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Our expectations for this season are no different from the rest. We’re gunning for the no.1 Asian team in this season as well as the 1000$ prize pool.

Any words for the Asian fans?

To all the Asian fans and CsPG fans out there, we suggest you better buckle up cause you're in for a ride.

CSPG Immortals definitely seem to be very confident. And you have to be if you want to win it all!

We wish their team best of luck and we hope they reach their goals for the upcoming Critical Ops Winter Season.

You can follow their team at - @CSPG_IMMORTALS

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