CSPG Immortals are the first Asian team to win it all!

May 30, 2018 15:02

The „EURASIA“ Critical Ops Spring Invitational Grand Finals were a joy to watch and definitely exceeded our expectations.

We saw a great battle that ended in an upset as the favorites didn’t win it all this time.

Let’s see what it took CSPG Immortals to become the first Asian team that won one of Valiance’s tournaments!

Map: Plaza

Team Elevate started strong on the Counter-Terrorist side. „DyN“, „str0ng“ and QuaredY“ won the initial duels on different spots of the map, allowing their team to secure the first pistol round.

In the following eco round, Elevate decided to play aggressively with the smgs.

It worked well and they won the round, however, CSPG's „Buxnz“ got some extra money for his team by planting the bomb on the B bomb spot.

In the first gun round of the match Team Elevate continued being aggressive and pushed down B long and middle part of the map.

It once again worked as „Osynt“, „QuaredY“ and „str0ng“ got the early frags, ending the CSPG's Immortals push.

CSPG Immortals got the 4th round by rushing down the A bomb spot.

maple“ killed both „Energy“ and „str0ng“, allowing his team to get to the site and kill the remaining players.

CSPG Immortals pushed towards the A bomb spot yet again in the next round.

After some frags on both sides, we saw a 2v2 situation where „Ted" and „Tiktok“ prevailed over „DyN“ and „Osynt“.

Team Elevate decided to force buy.

This didn't pan out for them, as CSPG Immortals were ready for it.

By the end of the round, they lost only one player and tied the score.

CSPG Immortals also got the following round, but it wasn't an easy task.

CSPG's „Ted“ saved his team by winning a 1v1 situation against „QuaredY“.

CSPG Immortals decided to stick to a B bomb spot push in the 8th round, which ended in a 2v2 situation.

Ted“ and „Tiktok“ didn't have any issues defending the site, as they extended their team's lead by wiping out „DyN“ and „Osynt“.

Team Elevate got their first clutch of the match in the following round, as „str0ng“ killed both „Ted“ and „Mxtt“ on the B bomb spot.

Elevate adjusted their defense on the B site by putting „Energy“ with the shotgun on „banana“.

This worked great, as he got a double kill before being taken down.

DyN“ and „str0ng“ finished off the remaining players later in the round, making the score even once again.

The last two rounds ended up in a 1v1 situations. We've seen  CSPG's „Buxnz“ and Elevate's „Osynt“ clutch one apiece.

The score at halftime: an exciting 6:6.

Once the sides swapped, CSPG immortals decided to drop the defense of the B bomb spot and retake it.

Elevate was able to get on the site and plant the bomb without losing any players.  

During the retake, CSPG Immortals couldn't get a hold of the site, since the position of Elevate's players was just much better than theirs.

CSPG's „Tiktok“ pulled off a heroic play in the following force buy round, as he managed to clutch a 1v2 against „Osynt“ and „Energy“ on the B bomb spot.

Building upon the momentum CSPG Immortals got the next two rounds fairly easily, as they lost only two players in total.

In the first gun round of the second half, Elevate got more frags before they entered the B bomb spot.

CSPG's „Mxtt“ was soon left in a 1v3, which he was unable to win.

CSPG Immortals returned the favor in the next round, with „maple“ winning the deciding duel against „Energy“ on the same bomb spot.

Granted, „maple“ entered the duel with a huge HP advantage that made his job much easier.

This forced Elevate into a force buy. Even though the initial kills went into their favor, „Ted's“ triple kill together with „Buxnz“ single frag turned the round around.

DyN“ played insanely smart in the 19th round.

He was stalling with the bomb planted on the A bomb spot, which prevented „Ted“ from winning the round for his team.

In the 20th round, we've witnessed an insane play by Elevate's „Energy“ and „ Quaredy“, who were able stage a comeback and win the round after a 2v4 situation.

Right after that, CSPG Immortals stepped it up and clinched the following two rounds.  

In the last round of the match, Elevate's „QuaredY“ couldn't kill both „maple“ and „Tiktok“. Therefore CSGP Immortals won the first match 13:10.

Tiktok“, „Ted“ and „maple“ had a lot of great moves in this one and their clutch plays were the deciding factor.

Map: Canals

Elevate started off on the Terrorist side. CSPG immortals opted to stack the A bomb spot.

The European team was able to get to the B bomb spot and plant the bomb.

CSPG's „Tiktok“ got the early frag for his team,  but that didn't mean much in the end, since Elevate was able to defend the spot with the remaining four players.

The following two eco rounds also went in the favor of Elevate.

However, the second round was really close.

Elevate's „DyN“ was put into a 1v3 situation, where he delivered by killing „Mxtt“, „Buxnz“ and „Ted“,  and stopped the bomb from being defused in the process.

DyN“ continued playing great in the first gun round as well.

He got two entry kills on the B bomb spot („maple“ and „Buxnz“).

This allowed his team to clinch the site and clear the remaining players.

In the fifth round, Elevate decided to push to the B bomb spot again and it worked great, as „QuaredY“ and „Osnyt“ got the better end of „Mxtt“ and „Ted“.

This left „Tiktok“ in a 1v4 situation that he was unable to win.

CSPG Immortals pushed aggressively in the next round, trying to get some info.

Team Elevate was ready for this and won the round by playing patiently, losing just a single player.

CSPG Immortals lost yet another round before they were able to retaliate in the 8th round, where we've seen „maple“ and „Mxtt“ win a 2v2 situation against „Osynt“ and „DyN“.

In the following round, Elevate pushed to the A bomb spot.

Yet again it all came down to a 2v2.

This time it was „str0ng“ and „Osynt“ that came on top against „Tiktok“ and „maple“.

CSPG Immortals force bought in the 10th round of the match and they got a two-player advantage early on.

But Elevate's „Energy“ and „Osynt“ stepped up and won the round on the B bomb spot, with „Osynt“ getting a triple kill.

Until the end of the half, CSPG Immortals were not able to get a single round, entering the second part of the game with a 10 rounds deficit.

After the side swap, Elevate's players pushed to A long, with „DyN“ and „Energy“ getting a triple entry frag.

CSPG Immortals were left with only 2 players, which made it easy for Elevate to grab the round.

In the last round of the match, CSPG Immortals had to buy whatever they could.

str0ng“ and „DyN“ got the entry kills, however „maple“ returned the favor with some insane revolver shots.

In the end, it came down to a duel between „DyN“ and „maple“.

DyN” defeated his opponent and secured a huge victory for Elevate.

The score was 13:1.

We saw a dominating performance by Elevate that looked way stronger than CSPG Immortals in this one.

Map: Bureau

Team Elevate had a healthy lead after their Counter-Terrorist half, however, their Terrorist side was really weak as they only won a single round there.

Tiktok“ had an exceptional game and got 27 frags.

Map: Grounded

Once again, Team Elevate had a lead after the first half (Terrorist side, 7:5), and managed to get to 10:7 in the second half.

Then CSPG Immortals got back into the game and brought the score to 11:11.

CSPG Immortals stepped it up and played extremely well in the last two rounds, winning the match (13:11) and with it the series 3-1.

Both „Buxnz“ and „NyT“ had a great game when it mattered the most.

It’s awesome to finally see an Asian team crowned as the Valiance champions.

Congratulations to CSPG Immortals!

They improved their game, took it to another level and deserved this win!

The scene has grown a lot in the past months, but we still think this is just the beginning. ;)

Are you surprised by outcome of the finals?

Let us know in the comments.

There is some time left before the start of Valiance C-OPS Summer Season.

Use the time wisely, train hard and improve you game - just like our new champions.

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