CSPG Gaming has a chance to defend their title from the Spring Invitational

September 8, 2018 12:49

CSPG Gaming has been the name in the Asian scene for quite a while now.

The roster changes they've done in the past elevated their gameplay to another level.

Now, they have a chance to get yet another title, but in order to do that, they will have to beat Kings Demise in the Grand Finals.

This time, we talk with "BuRNzzZ" to find out how the preparation is going.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one!

The first map of the series (Grounded), went to Infamous' favor, as they had a really solid game. (7:13)

Were you worried at all after you lost the first map and what was the biggest problem for you here?

Well, to be honest, we never expected to lose on Grounded as it's one of our stronger maps.

The server lag was too bad but we tried our best regardless.

In the end, Infamous was the better team here.

After that, you managed to bounce back and win both Legacy (13:7) and Bureau (13:9).

What was your thought process in these two maps and can you tell us what's the main reason why you were able to win them?

We weren't worried because we were ready for the next maps and were confident to win as we had practiced it a lot.

I can't say any particular reason why we were able to win the next 2 maps.

It's just because we were calm and focused after we lost the first map.

We didn't give up and maybe that's the main reason why we won.

I'd also like to mention that we were a bit overconfident on Grounded.

In the Grand Finals, you will meet Kings Demise who have been looking really solid so far.

Would you say you are the favorites and how do you expect this match to go down?

Kings Demise has really proved to be one of the strongest team in the region and we can't take them lightly.

We can't really say anything right now.

All we can do is just wait for the match and let the best team win.

Is there something you want to share with the people that will be watching the game?

There is a chance we might be taking a break after this Critical Ops Season, but I'm not fully sure about that.

I'd also like to thank all the fans who showed their support and love throughout the event.

We're looking forward to Sunday.

Let's see if CSPG Gaming can defend their title for the Spring Invitational.

Who do you see as the Asian Winner?

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