CSGO: A second place finish in the Esports Balkan League

July 4, 2018 14:01

Since the beginning of May, our CSGO team has been playing in the second season of the Esports Balkan League.

Some of the finest Balkan teams have been taking part in the tournament, which created a very competitive environment.

The tournament itself featured a double round robin format.

All teams played twice against each other in the group stage and the top four teams advanced to the playoffs.

We played exceptionally well during the group stage and only lost two matches – a very narrow defeat on Cache versus team "Windigo" (14-16) and a default loss to a Bulgarian team "Mortal Kombat".

That was enough to claim the number one spot in the group.

Therefore, our first playoff game was against "Bpro", a team which finished on fourth place.

The playoffs were played in a single elimination format, best-of-three series.

The first map was Cache, where we've had a strong Terrorist side performance and got a 10 round lead at the half.

Once the sides swapped, we lost only a single round and won the first map 16:6.

The second map (Mirage) of the series was much closer as "Bpro" staged a comeback after the first half, which ended with the score 10:5 in our favor.

It all came down to a single round, which could’ve taken the game to overtime.

Fortunately, we were able to grab it and end the series with a second win (16:14).

huNter“ was the man of the series as he was our number one in the fragging department (1.32 rating).

The Grand Finals of EBL matched us against a team we’ve been playing a lot lately – "Windigo".

Windigo also won the previous EBL season, so they were defending the title and we were the challengers.

The first map of the series (Dust2) was picked by "Windigo" and it ended up being a very close game.

We started off great on the Terrorist side and had a hefty lead at the half - 11:4.

After the side swap we were able to get the pistol round, but right after that, "Windigo" started their comeback.

Eventually, we got to the match point round, but "Windigo" managed to win the last round and push the game into overtime.

There they were simply better than us and got the first victory (16:19).

emi“ had a strong showing and got 34 frags in 35 rounds.

In the second map of the series (Inferno), "Windigo" had a superb Terrorist side and got an 11 round lead at the half.

That left us in a pretty bad spot for the second part of the game.

In the end, "Windigo" claimed the second map as well and successfully defended their EBL title.

Here are the final standings:

  • 1st – Windigo (10000 €)

  • 2nd – Valiance  (5000 €)

  • 3rd – Bpro (2000 €)

  • 4th – Mortal Kombat (600 €)

That's it for this season of the Esports Balkan League.

ESEA MDL Season 28 is still running and our team is doing very well there, as we're second in the Group Stage.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about our performance and EBL in general!

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