CS:GO: A top four finish in the Zotac Masters Europe

June 27, 2018 14:09

The Zotac Cup Masters Europe happened last week and it brought us a lot of thrilling matches and moments!

As you probably know our CSGO team also participated in this three-day event and achieved a solid result.

The Group Stage phase featured a GSL style format, meaning that two victories in a row were needed to advance to the playoff stage.

Our group consisted of the following teams:

•    Valiance

•    Team Kinguin

•    Não Tem Como

•    Winstrike Team

In the first match of the tournament we played against „Não Tem Como“, a team that features some of the best Brazilian players such as „ fnx “, „felps“ and „kNgV-“.

We played on Nuke and started off on the Counter-Terrorist side, finishing the half with a 9:6 lead.

After the side swap, we won the terrorist pistol round, and also got the following buy round.

That was the breaking point and there wasn't much the Brazilian side could do after it.

We won the match with a 16-7 scoreline.

Impulse“ was especially hot in this one and he finished the game with a 1.75 rating (26-14).


In the Winners match, we faced off against a well known polish team – „Kinguin“.

Once again we played on Nuke and started on the Counter-Terrorist side.

This time we executed our defensive plans perfectly, losing only a single round on the defensive side.

Team „Kinguin“ was not flustered by that and they won 11 rounds in a row after the side swap!

However, our team endured the pressure and closed out the match with a 16-12 scoreline.

This victory brought us to the semifinals where we faced „Windigo“, a pretty famous team.

Just prior to the event, team "Windigo" decided to remove one of their players and since another player on their team wasn't able to attend the event, they were forced to play with two standins. („dream3r“ and „blocker“).

The first match of the series (played on Train) went back and forth during our CT side, resulting in a single round lead for us at the half (8:7).

We got the pistol round and the following eco rounds on the terrorist side before „Windigo“ managed to snatch the first gun round of the half.

However, „Windigo'soffensive style just didn’t bring them rounds this time and it allowed us to win the map with a 16-9 scoreline.

Windigo“ stepped up their game on the next two maps (Cache and Mirage).

They showed some great individual skills, got both maps and eliminated us from the tournament.

Here are the final standings;

  • 1st – Kinguin – 10000$ + spot at Zotac Cup Masters Main event

  • 2nd – Windigo – 5000$

  • 3rd/4th – Valiance – 2500$

  • 3rd/4th – Imperial – 2500$

We also managed to ask Aleksa Impulse Stankić a couple of questions about the tournament and the team's performance:

During the Group Stage, we've performed flawlessly, advancing to the semifinals with two victories in a row.

Both matches were played on the same map.

Do you think the map (Nuke) played a role in our victories?

In my opinion, Nuke is becoming our strongest map at the moment, since all of the team members understand rotations perfectly, which is the most important thing to know on this map.

Also, everyone on the team likes the map a lot.

Not saying we wouldn't win on other Maps, but yeah, it played a role in our victories.

In the semifinals, we got an early lead against Windigo by winning on Train.

Unfortunately, we were unable to win on the following two maps (Cache, Mirage).

What was the main issue for our team in this matchup?

I don't know for sure, but personally, I think that people felt a bit of pressure, we sometimes have this feeling, being scared of winning, basically having a hard time to close out the map by winning crucial reset rounds.

The reason for this was probably us never being able to beat “Windigo” in the past.

Are you satisfied with the team's performance?

I'm satisfied with the direction the team is heading towards.

By adding “Kassad”, we are most likely gonna change a lot of stuff, probably rework some of the maps completely.

In my opinion, this is a good thing for us.

That's it from our team's adventure in Italy.

We would like to thank „Kniferound.it for their hospitality and effort during the event, as well as „Dreamchasers Agency“ and „Zotac“ for the invite to the tournament.

We will be playing in the multiple online tournaments in the upcoming days, as we qualified for the final stage of Esports Balkan League Season 2 and the end of ESEA MDL S28 is also close.

Make sure you don’t miss any of our games!

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