Critical OPS LAN: D2R not competing, but its players are?!

June 11, 2018 14:00

It's very unfortunate that D2R, one of the the most famous teams in North America, won’t be attending the Critical Ops LAN event.

However, we will see some of D2R’s players representing other teams just for the time of this event.

To understand what's been going on with D2R since they lost to Gankstars in Critical Ops Spring Invitational and why they decided to loan players to other teams, we talked with the owner of the organization – Legacy.

Here is yet another extensive interview with him!

During the Critical Ops Spring Invitational, you had a close game against Gankstars. You took the lead with a convincing victory on Grounded, but then lost the next 2 maps.

Can you walk us through what happened and what was the biggest reason for the loss?

We came out very strong, and taking that map certainly gave us some confidence heading into the next map hoping to close it out.

Anytime you can get a map against Gankstars, and have that momentum it's a plus.

Gankstars is a team with such a depth, that you can't count them out.

They've made some of the best comebacks ever, and have many great players who've had memorable clutch plays.

Certainly losing the next 2 maps was tough for us.

We were simply outplayed by Gankstars tactics on Plaza.

We already knew that GS was very strong on Legacy.

How did "J7's" ban affect the team, considering he was the one calling the shots?

Losing a player, and leader like "J7", is very very tough.  

He certainly was the heart of the team.  

There are traits that certain players have that you can't teach, and I believe "J7" definitely had those characteristics such as heart, desire, and overall love for the game.  

Players respected him and listened to him.  

With "J7" out, it will be hard to find someone to step up.

We will be looking at "Kam" and "Milio" to lead our team now until "J7" can return, if he is allowed to return, to competitive play.  

It helps to build your roster with experienced players.  

We've always had that next man up mentality as with many teams in this game, rosters/players come and go fast.  

The important thing is to build chemistry with the players who buy into your system, believe what you are trying to teach, and ultimately want to win together.

Not so long ago, you acquired „Kam“ and he is going to try to fill the role of „J7“.

Was this a decision that was team-based, or is this something that you have decided to do?

We will be looking for veteran/seasonal experience moving forward. 

It’s certainly tough as other teams get better as well. 

At this point we want the best person to take the helm and become a leader. 

"J7" is certainly insanely hard to replace. 

Our team needs to come together, find that leader.

We keep that next man up mentality.

With the likes of "Kam", "Milio", "Akjon", "Toast", "Luis", "MVP", "Tyler", "Breezy" and others, I believe we can find a way.

Now that the full list of invited teams has been announced, do you think your team deserved an invite more than Hammers eSports?

That is a loaded question.  IFL/Hammers eSports, has been around since before D2R was started.  

So, if you are going by longevity, they deserve the spot over us.  

Unfortunately, this was the first Valiance event where we didn't finish second in a long time.  

I believe that IFL being in the finals, had a lot of bearing on the decisions of who was invited or not invited.  

It's not a popularity contest, and I believe the teams who are going deserve to be there.

We just have to prepare more for the next opportunity, and just make sure we get the job done.

You will be loaning your players („Kam“, „Milio“, „MVP“ and „Akjon“ ) to teams such as Nova eSports, CSPG Immortals and SetToDestroyX.

What was the main reason why you've decided to loan players to other teams?

Yes, multiple players including, "Kam", "Milio", "MVP", and "Akjon", will be representing teams such as NOVA, CSPG, and STDX.  

When I was approached by Nova about loaning players, my thoughts were instant - "of course".

Reason being is, this is an opportunity many of the pro players have been waiting for.

It's a historic event for Critical Ops.  

I wouldn't want to hold anyone back from being a part of history.  

This LAN is bigger than me, bigger than D2R, and I would be selfish to hold these players back and not give them this chance.  

The bigger picture is the advancement of the eSports scene for Critical Ops.

Looking at Nova eSports’ roster, do you think they will be way stronger with the addition of your players and how would you rate their chances at the LAN event?

That’s hard to answer, obviously, "Kam" and "Milio" have chemistry together, but they need to develop chemistry with NOVA as well.  

They will be practicing with the NOVA team preparing for LAN, as well as preparing for the summer season with D2R.  

They will are pulling double duties and really show their desire and passion for winning as well as playing the game.  

At LAN, I feel as though individual skill can only go so far because everyone will be on an even keel.  

You definitely need multiple players carrying, and the others getting the trades.

I still believe the team who prepares the most and has the best chemistry will win.  

Do I want my players to do well?

Of course, I do, but with them being spread to many teams,  it will be hard to cheer for everyone.

I just want the event to be entertaining, with great matches, and the best team winning.

Is there anything else you wish to say to the fans of D2R?

Thank you for all the support we’ve received during the "J7" situation.  

We are training hard for the Valiance Summer Season.

Make sure to also support the players who are traveling to Seattle for the Amazon Mobile Masters Invitational.  

Good luck to everyone, and see you in the Summer Season!

We're sure that loaned players will have an impact on the LAN event.

The question is – will it be enough to crown one of them as the champion of the first ever Critical OPS LAN?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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