Critical Ops Autumn Invitational is coming

October 6, 2018 14:01

Critical Ops Summer Season was a blast and it was definitely a season to remember.

The main reason for this is the fact that D2R, Vision Gaming, and Kings Demise all claimed the title of the champions in their respective regions.

The defending champions from Spring Invitational – Gankstars and CSPG Gaming were simply not able to deliver.

It's been almost a month since the season has finished and we've seen quite a bit of change in the rosters of the several teams.

Now it's time for us to announce the new season – Critical Ops Autumn Invitational!

As per usual, there will be changes to the system that we've used in the prior seasons.

We are happy to welcome the South American region once again, and we're certain that the players and the fans deeply missed it.

Once again, Europe, North America, and Asia are going to be featured as the competing regions as well.

Only the South American region will have the Open Qualifier and the signups will be open starting from this Sunday (07.10).

The Open Qualifiers for South America are scheduled to begin on 21th of October, and the top four teams will advance into the next phase.

For the rest of the regions (Europe, North America, Asia), the teams will be directly invited to the Group Stage.

The list of this teams and the reasons for their invite will be announced later this week.

For now, we can only say that the four teams from each region are going to receive an invite.

The official start of the regular competition (Group Stage) will be played from the 4th of November when we're set to kick things off with both South American and North American regions.

Here is how the schedule is going to look like:

Week 1 Quarterfinals - Americas - 04.11 (Sunday)

Week 2 Quarterfinals - Euroasia - 11.11 (Sunday)

Week 3 Semi-Finals - Americas - 18.11 (Sunday)

Week 4 Semi-Finals - Euroasia - 25.11 (Sunday)

Week 5 Grand Finals - Americas - 02.12 (Sunday)

Week 6 Grand Finals - Euroasia - 09.12 (Sunday)

The competition is going to last for 6 weeks, with Sunday being the only playday.

The prize pool is also set at 1500$ total, 750$ per bracket, and it’s going to be divided as follows;

  • 1st place - 500$

  • 2nd place - 250$

Are you happy to see South America playing once again in the Valiance events?

Write down in the comments your expectations for this  Invitational!

More information will be posted in the upcoming days.

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