Cloudzz: IFL the biggest threat to 5Kings in the qualifiers

February 1, 2018 12:34

Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers have just begun.

There are only a few spots open in the Group Stages and plenty of good teams wanting in.

We talked with one of the teams that just can’t be overlooked - 5Kings from North America.

We reached out to "Cloudzz" and discussed their roster changes, mix of experience and the expectations for the upcoming season among other things.


What is your current roster, and what are the roles of the players?

Our current starting lineup and lineup for the upcoming season looks like following;

Alpha – Rifle

Retroz – Sniper

Lala – Sniper

Cloudzz – Rifle

Expel – Rifle

This is all regarding the roles I can share.

You guys are relatively new. How did you end up forming a team with this roster?

We ended up making this team after team "IMP" disbanded because we still wanted to play competitively.

Most of us didn't have a team, so that's how we all ended up in this one.

At the start of the year, your roster looked very differently - Alpha left D2R, joined you, and rejoined his old team soon after.

What is the main reason for this and other last-minute changes?

The main reason for such last minutes changes is because players were leaving our team (5Kings) to join other teams.

They mostly joined other top-tier teams like "Gankstars" and "D2R".

You are one of the favorites to make it into the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stage.

Who do you consider the biggest threat in the Open Qualifiers and why?

Looking at the competition in the Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers, I can say that we consider "IFL" as the biggest threat.

Recently, they were able to win an ESL cup against "Gankstars" in the Grand Finals, with a convincing 13-3 scoreline.

This just shows how good their form is at the moment.

How important is it to have experienced players such as „Retroz“ and „Lala“ that have been on the scene for a very long time?

Having experienced players such as me, "Retroz", "Lala" & "Alpha" is vital to us.

"Expel", on the other hand,  is fairly new but his skills are top-level material, and I'm sure he can contribute a lot to the team.

What place would satisfy you in the Critical Ops Winter Season?

Basically, we would be happy with any of the top three places in the upcoming season, and hopefully, we can achieve our goal.

Any words for the fans?

To our fans that will be watching and supporting us, thank you. #5KWIN

"5Kings" do look scary on paper, and we think they have a big chance to make it into the Critical Ops Winter Group Stage.

They do, however, have to face "IFL" relatively early in the bracket, and that will surely be a very interesting match.

We wish them best of luck and hope to see them later on during the Winter Season.

You can follow 5Kings at -@5iveKingsGG

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