Clash Royale league Launches

August 14, 2018 13:53

Supercell and Clash Royale plan to launch the fall season of Clash Royale League on August 20th!

This year, the prize pool will be around one million US dollars!

With this League, Supercell has told various larger news organizations that Supercell wants to see Clash Royale as a proper esports in the mobile realm.

In fact earlier this week, Supercell invited around 44 esports organizations and teams to introduce and talk about this Clash Royale League.

This also included the 16 organizations that will actually participate in the fall season for this league.

Supercell also created a new esports Clash Royale Youtube channel that will showcase battles and introduce other videos to hype the fans.

One interesting thing talked about this season was Supercell’s “Path to Pro” of the Clash Royale League.

Many of you might have remembered the Clash Royale League challenge put out for anyone to try around March 2018 in Clash Royale.

Out of 25 million players who tried their hand at the challenge, only around 7,000 players made it to the next stage of the process.

The top players out of those actually got the chance to sign up into top-rated esports teams with a dedicated salary and other bonuses to compete for them.

“It’s great to see the whole industry growing” esports head at Supercell Tim Ebner said to Gamesbeat.

“We are in an interesting place in the mobile world.

We know there are a lot of mobile gamers and a lot of people watch on mobile. Someday it will be a big esports audience, and hopefully, it begins with Clash Royale.”

“We’ve learned people watch more during gameplay and they drop off when analysts are talking,” Ebner also mentioned to Gamesbeat during his interview. “

More of the players watch on mobile, and that makes sense.

We are optimizing the content more for mobile, with smaller screen sizes. We’ve learned competitive integrity is really important for the players. We look forward to maintaining fair standards during the season.”

The European teams this fall will be FNATIC, SK Gaming, Misfits, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Team Queso, Allegiance, and Team Dignitas. Teams from China are EDG.M, JDG, GO, LGD, NOVA, OP, WE, and SNAKE.

Asia will be represented by teams OGN Entus, Kingzone, Sandbox, OP.GG, GameWith, DetonatioN Gaming, PONOS Sports, FAV Gaming, KIX, AHQ ESPORTS CLUB, Bren Esports, and Chaos Theory.

Latin America’s teams are Vivo Keyd, Giants Gaming, Movistar Riders, MAD Lions E.C., RED Canids, paiN Gaming, Cream, and Sandstorm.

North American teams will be Team Solomid, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Complexity, Counter Logic Gaming, NRG, Tribe Gaming, and Immortals.

Latin America will start August 13, Mainland China on August 17, North America on August 20, Europe on August 21, and Asia during August 24.

Despite Supercell not having a large team dedicated to esports staffing, they still have some members around the world to take care of the massive logistics involved with this fall League competition.

Interestingly enough, the American and European organizations have been required to keep their players stationed in Los Angeles during the entire season while continuing to provide salary benefits to their players.  

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