Clash Royale February Balance Update

February 13, 2018 14:44

Another month,  another balance update by Supercell.

This time around a great number of cards has been changed in order to fine-tune the gameplay.

Once again we talked with our in-house expert Prof. Oak to find out how the changes will affect the current meta.

Let’s take a look!

Mega Knight: Spawn and Jump Damage -25%; Deployment radius reduced (deployment won't hit beyond bridge and river)

This card has received an expected nerf.

Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count 8 → 6

This nerf was also expected and it is definitely the right decision to reduce the Skeleton Count.

Knight: Hitpoints -6%

I believe the Knight should have been left as it was, and that the nerf was a bit unnecessary, to say the least.

Inferno Dragon: Switches between targets slower

This has been expected for quite some time now. Slowing down the switching between the targets is the step in right direction.

Valkyrie: Hit Speed 1.5sec → 1.4sec

The buff for this card is very welcome, but we’re yet to see how much difference a 0.1 second is going to make.

Bandit: Minimum Dash Range 4 → 3.5

A unexpected buff to say the least. The change is for sure going to have an impact on the “Bridge Spam” we have seen recently.

Dark Prince: Hit Speed 1.4sec → 1.3sec; Hitpoints +5%

I think his buff is something we didn’t really need. We might even see the card become overpowered.

Magic Archer: Preparing for the Arena...

Let’s hope that the history won’t repeat itself and that we won’t see the entry of the new overpowered legendary card.

Mega knight”, “Skeleton Barrel” and “Inferno Dragon” is the combination we have seen a lot recently, and I’m glad that all of these cards got nerfed.

It means we probably won’t be seeing them as much anymore.

Almost all the combinations we have seen with “Mega Knight” should crumble now, and we’re most likely going to see a very little amount of “Zap Bait” decks being played.

The most anticipated “Goblin Hut” nerf did not arrive, but that shouldn’t surprise us as the usage of this card has dropped significantly.

I’d like to see Supercell buff "Lightning" in the next balance update, as it would be great to see a spell that can match “Poison” in terms of effectiveness.

We should still see the usage of “LavaLoon”, “Golem”, “X-Bow” and “P.E.K.K.A control” decks.

Also, we should see the return of “Hog” to the top, and also the increased usage of “Giant”, “3 Musketeers” and “Bridge Spam” decks.

There is a chance that we will see the return of “P.E.K.K.A Double Prince” deck, however, that’s something I wouldn’t like to see.

The "Valkyrie" buff is not really that big and it probably won’t change much.

As always, I’m expecting the meta to change, becoming more versatile, although we can’t be 100% sure about that until we see all the indirect buffs and nerfs done by this balance update.

Also, the fact that "Magic Archer" is going to enter the arena is probably going to have a big impact on the meta.

We’d like to thank Prof. Oak for his valuable insights about the latest Clash Royale balance update.

Hopefully, this will help you to adapt to the changes quicker and wreck some towers.

Now go ahead, and log in to the game.

Happy hunting!

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