Catching up with Peca ahead of WESG Global Finals

March 8, 2019 14:37

Our CSGO team is on their way to Chongqing, China, where they are scheduled to take part in World Electronics Sports Games Global Finals 2019!

For this occasion, our head of esports division Peca is also traveling with the team.

Just before they began their journey, we managed to ask him a couple of questions regarding the event and his expectations among other things.


Since this is nations only event, we're going to see a return of our coach emi to the server and also Impulse, who both took part in the Serbian qualifiers back in November.

Considering the players haven't played for a while together in the team, do you think the other teams in the group might have an advantage over us?

I don't think that the other teams do have a lot of advantage.

Emi is constantly on the server with our boys, and we could see Impulse on top of the scoreboards in the past few Endpoint matches.

We will definitely miss ottoNd and EspiranTo, but I'm sure that both Emi and Impulse will have something to show for the masses.

I know that Emi can't wait to play another official, he's constantly on DM after our regular team practices.

For this occasion, you will be going to China as a coach.

What does it mean for you to together once again with the team?

Oh boy, I can't explain to you the feeling when I am standing behind my team.

There are no words to explain all of the emotions happening followed by adrenaline rush when we win a close round.

I miss that feeling a lot.

I am very happy to have a chance to stand behind these boys once again, after a few months.

Are you doing anything specific to help out the team in the preparation?

I'll try my best to motivate the team as much as possible - as I always do.

My job always was to help them to focus ONLY on the game, so they won't have to worry about anything else.

Shoot heads and win.

Our team is in Group B, together with NASER eSports, Denial Esports and OpTic Gaming.

Which team do you see as the biggest threat in the group and why?

We don't underestimate any opponents.

Our group is pretty stacked.

Denial Esports and OpTic Gaming are very well known teams, and I think it won't be easy at all.

I can't tell you which team is the biggest threat for us, but I'm personally looking forward to our match versus OpTic Gaming.

I think that they are a very good and young team with huge potential.

It's going to be a fun matchup.

What's your general opinion about the event and its format?

I was probably the first guy who introduced the Country vs Country format in CSGO with the Esports European Championship (ESEC) back in 2013, so you could tell that I have always been a fan of this kind of formats.

It brings some innovation to the basics matchups.

The majority of the teams participating in WESG are coming with their regular rosters, but still - this time, they are representing their countries as well.

Alibaba and Aliesports invested a lot in this project and I am hoping that this year - every bad memory from the last event will be erased.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of their seeding system, but let's see how the whole event will unwrap at the end.

Also, I am very happy to see a huge number of Serbian players in all of the esports disciplines on WESG.

It shows that the esports finally started growing fast in our region.

How would you rate our chance and what result would personally satisfy you considering the competition?

No matter which tournament we are participating, no matter the matchup and no matter the odds - we are always there to give our best shot and try to win.

That's just our mentality.

We are coming to strike hard and we're aiming for the top.

Maybe my expectations are big, but I would be personally satisfied with one of the top 3 places.

Anything you wish to share with the Serbian fans?

I would like to say thanks to all of our fans from all over the world.

The support we have been getting in the last few months feels amazing and I just hope you won't stop here.

We certainly won't stop trying to improve and impress you all.

The competition starts next Monday, with the top two teams advancing from each group.

You can follow the action at –

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