Catching up with Infinity Forge

February 10, 2018 19:13

There have been multiple eSports Organizations in the scene having a good reputation in the industry.

One of them is Infinity Forge.

iF’s Critical Ops team has had its own share of ups and downs, yet has stood the test of time in the scene.

Their stellar progress in the ongoing NA Valiance Open Qualifiers was a stepping stone for the team.

Today, we bring you a candid interview with Koko, Leader of the Critical Ops team at Infinity Forge.

In conversation with him, we talk about iF’s recent comeback into the scene after quite awhile as well as in general.

Hello there KoKo, when was iF’s Critical Ops team formed and when did you start playing the game?

Hey! Well, I started playing Critical Ops back in 2015 during the Closed Alpha so I would say I've been playing a little over 2 Years.

Infinity Forge's Critical Ops Team was formed back in January of 2017.

Since then we've gone through quite a few rosters with players leaving and new ones coming in but it looks like this 2018 we might be keeping the same Roster for a while!

Can you walk me through your Competitive lineup?

Our Current Competitive Lineup is -

Your team has made it to the Finals of the Open Qualifiers, does IFL seem like a threat or is your team pretty much confident this time?

I believe IFL will be a threat in the Open Qualifiers Finals but I also feel confident that my team could manage to pull this win off if played correctly.

We haven't seen Infinity Forge much into the spotlight lately, until now. Can you elaborate why?

Infinity Forge took a small break, a little after October as I wanted to reorganize the Team for the Beginning of 2018. Since then a lot of People think we are "dead" but we are back stronger than we ever were.

Where do you see iF in the Winter Season if you qualify for the Group Stages?

If we qualify for groups I'd definitely think we could make Top 4 with enough work, but you know anything could happen!

Anything you'd like to say before closing the conversation?

I'd like to thank Valiance for running such Great Tournaments and I'd like to also thank "AWKN" and Infinity Forge for allowing me to be part of such a Great Organization!

Infinity Forge’s impressive progress in the Open Qualifiers has led them to the finals. It was indeed a pleasure having Koko on board with us today.

We wish him luck for the Finals! But will a team that has recently made a comeback into the scene will be able to conquer IFL in the Finals of the NA Open Qualifiers?

We’ll find out today!

You can follow Infinity Forge at - @InfinityForgeGG

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