C-OPS Summer Season: Xion stuns LEFP in Asia

August 2, 2018 14:55

The first week of the Asian competition had a surprise in store for us.

Xion rose up to the challenge and managed to beat LEFP in their opening match.

The other two matches were interesting as well!

Here is a recap of what we've seen so far.

A new challenger in the region

Xion vs Learn From Past

Map: Bureau

LEFP started on the Terrorist side and they decided to play the pistol round very slow.

After they've managed to create some noise on A bomb spot, they rotated over to B.

However, Xion was ready for that and they stopped the push with relative ease.

Xion also had no issues securing the following two eco rounds while only losing two players in the process.

In the first buy round, LEFP got the bomb planted on the A bomb spot.

The round ended up being a two-versus-two situation where Xion's „Mapple“ showcased some serious skill and got a double kill.

In the following round, LEFP decided to buy guns, but to no avail, as Xion won the two-versus-two situation yet again, this time on the A bomb spot. „Acerola“ and „Heaven“ delivered for their team this round.

It took LEFP 6 rounds until there were finally able to get the first point.

Entry frags by „Beauty“ and „Honor“ were responsible for it.

Xion didn't take long to get back on the winning track.

They decimated LEFP's push on the B bomb spot leaving only „DeSPa1R“ alive and he couldn't clutch a one-versus-three situation.

In the next two rounds, Xion got the eco round and the buy round.

We've seen „Mapple“ step up once again by clutching it against „Honor“.

LEFP couldn't win another round the rest of the half.

They entered the second half with a ten-round deficit.

Xion's „Heaven“ had 18 kills in just the first half!

Once the sides swapped, Xion opted to rush the B bomb spot.

Luckily for LEFP, they successfully managed to retake the site and defuse the bomb, with „DeSPa1R“ and „Honor“ getting some crucial kills.

In the 14th round, Xion got the plant while only having pistols, allowing them to buy in the following round.

The first gun round of the second half featured an A bomb spot rush by Xion.

They were able to plant the bomb, but not stop the retake from happening as „DES1RE“ and „DeSPa1R“ proved to be too strong.

The round after that, Xion decided to rush the B bomb spot, but that didn't work either.

ANX1ETY“ and „DES1RE“ stopped the push with their superior positioning and aim.

LEFP got to 9 points due to the impeccable defense before Xion finally got another round and that happened once they got the entry kills on the B bomb spot.

This got Xion to the match point.

LEFP fought back in the next round, but they were unable to stop Xion in the following round, as they didn't lose a single player on the A bomb spot.

Xion won the match 13:10!

Heavens” and „Acerola’s“ aim was true this game and they got many important frags.

Superb Terrorist side by Kings Demise

Kings Demise vs Infamous

Map: Grounded

Kings Demise won the Counter-Terrorist pistol round fairly easily, but Infamous returned the favor in the following round.

The teams also exchanged the next two rounds.

Right after that, Infamous won three rounds in a row.

Kings Demise didn't crumble under pressure and they once again tied the score.

They also won the last 2 rounds of the half, entering the second part of the game with a two-round lead.

Once the sides swapped, we saw a quick split toward the A bomb spot by Kings Demise where they crushed the defense and won another pistol round.

Kings Demise won the following two eco rounds as well, with one of them being a shotgun buy for Infamous, which didn't work out as planned.

Until the end of the game Infamous got only one more round.

They couldn't really deal with the aggressive playstyle of Kings Demise in the remaining rounds.

The final score was 13:7 with KD's „Joy“ winning the one-versus-one in the last round.

Kings Demise's Terrorist side and aggressive playstyle is something to be afraid of.

No chance against the favorites

CSPG Gaming vs BEG4Mercy

Map: Grounded

CSPG Gaming kicked off the match on the Terrorist side.

They rushed the B bomb spot through B long and middle in the pistol round.

There, „Ted“ and „Twistadude“ denied BEG4Mercy's retake attempt.

The favorites had no issues securing the following two eco rounds as well.

Even though B4M's „Obliviscor“ got the entry frag in the first buy round, CSPG dismantled the defense on the A bomb spot, further extending their lead.

In the fifth round, B4M got their first point thanks to majority of the team winning their aim duels.

That didn't stop CSPG Gaming as they won the following three rounds in convincing fashion.

Teams traded rounds until the end of the half and BEG4Mercy entered the second part of the game six rounds behind.

Once the sides swapped, B4M decided to hit the B bomb spot.

Fortunately for them, „sya fie“ won the 1v1 clutch against „Tiktok“.

B4M clinched the eco round, but not the first buy round of the second half.  

A great performance by CSPG's „Burnz“,„Mxtt“ and „Twistadude“ got their team another round.

CSPG Gaming continued racking up points and soon reached the match point.

In the final round of the game, we've seen one of the sickest U-ratio plays ever.

CSPG's „Burnz“ got the ace in less than 14 seconds.

This was for sure one of the greatest actions we've seen so far in the Valiance Summer Season.

CSPG Gaming won the game 13:5.

We hope you enjoyed the first week of Asian matches.

Do you think LEFP should have won against Xion?

Or do you think their defeat is not surprising?

Let us know in the comments!

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