C-OPS Predictions: European Quarterfinals

November 11, 2018 11:04

Another week of Critical Ops action is upon us.

Remember, there isn't much room for mistakes, as whoever loses the match is eliminated from the Autumn Invitational.

Here are our predictions for the European Quarterfinals.


Vision Gaming vs SetToDestroyX

Coming into this matchup, Vision Gaming is a big favorite.

As you already know and we have mentioned it a couple of times in the previous article, they made it look fairly easy during the Summer Season, especially in the Grand Finals where they were able to simply run over Team Throne.

The biggest problem for other teams is the amount of sheer talent that they have under their disposal.

We've seen „Quaredy“, „Strong“ and „DyN“ in Team Elevate and they're playing an important role here in Vision Gaming as well.

Adjure“ also showed what is he capable of together with „Headshot“ in the previous season, as both of them were of crucial importance in a lot of matches.

In case the team will need them, both „Kuba“ and „Angel“ should be available to step up for any of the members.

It's simply hard to find a weakness in Vision Gaming, at least for now.

For the first time in a very long time, SetToDestroyX has decided to change the player, as „ZEN“ is no longer the part of the team.

Things were looking even shakier when the rumors of „Primza“ and „Overload“  leaving the team started to circle around, but it the end, most of it was just rumors and both of them remained with the team.

During the Summer Season, StDX did look a bit better compared to the previous seasons and they've made it to the Semi-Finals.

In spite of that, it was obvious that the team needed to make the change in order to elevate their gameplay

In the recent interview they said they're trialing 3 players for "ZEN's" spot, so we're going to see how that is going to pan out.

SetToDestroyX did push the series against Vision Gaming last time into the 3rd map.

We believe they can do it again, but anything beyond that will be quite hard to achieve, especially if you consider that they don't have that much play time together with whoever they take into the team.

PREDICTIONS: Vision Gaming 2/0-2/1

S2 Gaming vs Team Elevate

S2 Gaming performed on a decent level during the Summer Season, but they were also forced to make some roster changes just before the start of the season.

Thierry“ won't be playing in this season as he left the team, and we know that he performed really well back in Team Throne.

However, „Loxii“ did just rejoin the team, and this is definitely going to improve team’s chances in the Autumn Invitational.

The good thing is that the core of the team which includes „GeNeS1s“, „Sneaky“ and „NaYmad“ is still up and running.

Team Elevate didn't do that well in the Critical Ops Summer Season as they fell short of making it into the playoffs.

A team of their caliber and legacy should be able to at least do that.

In the Interview we made with them during October, their lineup featured both „Prinho“ and „Fxllwssj“, which have just recently left the team.

They’ve just announced their lineup yesterday, and it does feature some prominent names like “Osynt” and “Don-Hys”.

It's hard to say that Team Elevate is a favorite coming into this match.

We've seen Impreza be in a similar situation in the North American Quarterfinals, gathering the lineup merely days before the beginning of the season, and we all know how that turned out for them.

S2 Gaming should be the favorites here, as they seem to be a way more structured team at the moment.

At the same time, they seem hungry to prove themselves and they are clearly aiming for that number one spot.

PREDICTION: S2 Gaming 2-0

Those are our predictions for the European Quarterfinals.

What's your take on the matches?

Do you agree with our assessment?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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