May 13, 2018 00:37

We’ve seen “EURASIA” quarterfinals almost 2 weeks ago and now it’s finally time for Semi-finals to take place!

EURASIA” teams really messed with our predictions, as the underdogs prevailed in most of the matches.

This is both very exciting and a bit frightening.


Because we have to predict the outcomes of both Semi-finals too!

Oh well, let’s do it and see if we manage to be on point this time. ;)


Asian Regional Finals

CSPG Immortals vs Kings Demise

CSPG immortals made a statement in the Quarterfinals, as they dispatched the heavy favorites - “Learn from Past”.

Not just that, but they made it look easy (13-8 Grounded, 13-1 Plaza)!

The addition of “M4tt” and “Punn” from “No Mercy” seems to have really improved the team, and they are looking way better than in any of the previous seasons.

Punn” didn’t play in the match against LEFP, but we’re sure he has been helping the team in another way.

Ted” and “Tiktok” individual performances set the tone of the match on Plaza against LEFP, as they were able to prevail in many clutch situations, even in the ones where they didn’t have the upper hand.

Considering that the team had some time to further improve their teamplay before the semifinals, it’s hard to see them losing anytime soon.

Especially if they can maintain the level of play they had showcased in the quarterfinals.

Kings Demise managed to beat the Critical Ops Winter season finalists (Infamous) in the quarterfinals (13-8 Grounded, 8-13 Legacy, 13-5 Plaza).

This was the only match that was decided on the third map and we could see some of Kings Demise’s weaknesses.

They had a lot of problems on Legacy, as they were unable to perform well on the Terrorist side of the map.

Nevertheless, they defeated one of the better teams around, which is a great accomplishment for a team that was formed just before the start of Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

Pewl” and “Leapy” are looking exceptionally strong and if the rest of the lineup will be on their level  they surely have a chance against CSPG immortals.

Since CSPG Immortals managed to beat up LEFP the way they did, we see them as the favorites in this matchup.

Kings Demise might win a map, but in the long run, CSPG Immortals should be able to take this one.

PREDICTION: 2-0/2-1 for CSPG Immortals

European Regional Finals

Dynasty vs Team Elevate

Dynasty surprised everyone by taking down the Critical Ops Winter Season Champions (Nova eSports) with a 2-0 scoreline in the quarterfinals (13-6 Bureau, 13-12 Canals).

We’re all aware that Dynasty’s lineup consists of well known players, but beating the current European champions is still impressive, especially for a relatively new team.

Adjure” was a key player in the series and pulled off some amazing plays.  

Angel” also helped a lot with his amazing performance on “Canals”.

It’s going to be interesting to see if they can bring their A game again in the semis.

Team Elevate had an easier opponent in the quarterfinals, as they had to play against SetToDestroyX.

They ended the series in two maps (13-7 Canals, 13-10 Legacy).

It’s still too early to decide if the acquisition of ex-SKY2FLY members was a good decision on Elevate’s part (“QuaredY” and “PROLORD”), however, “Quaredy” definitely stood out against SetToDestroyX, as he was the top fragger on both of maps.

We all know what team Elevate is capable off and since the core of the team is still pretty much the same, we cannot see them as the underdog against any team.

There are no favorites in this match and we expect it to go all the way and feature 3 maps.

PREDICTION: 2-1/1-2 Team Elevate/Dynasty

These are our predictions of “EURASIA” semifinals.

Do you think we did a better job than last time?

Or do you totally disagree with us? Let us know in the comments!

The matches are scheduled to start on 13th of May at 14:00 CEST.

Make sure you show up on our usual streaming channel youtube.com/valiancegg and watch them live!

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