C-Ops Predictions: EURASIA Quarterfinals

April 17, 2018 15:13

Last week we’ve announced our upcoming Spring Invitational C-Ops tournament.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the quarterfinals that are ahead of us.

Remember, all matches will played in the Single Elimination format, which means that half of the teams will be eliminated straight away.

Here are our predictions for the “EURASIA” part of the bracket.


Learn from Past vs CSPG Immortals

LEFP made winning look so easy in the previous season, as they only lost a single map in the Group Stage.

During the Grand Finals of the Asian region they lost just 9 rounds over the course of 3 maps against Infamous (iFM), showing that they are the team to beat in Asia at the moment.

DeSPa1R” and “DES1RE” played amazingly well throughout the whole season and everyone on the roster stepped up needed.

It’s hard to see this team losing any time soon if they continue playing like that.

It’s true that “Joy” left the team, but we don’t think this is going to stop them from dominating the region.

CSPG Immortals, on the other hand, suffered a surprising defeat in the Semi-Finals versus “Infamous” (1-2) in a match where they were considered the favorites.

BuRNzzZ” and “NyT” had a solid season, but the team will need much more than that once they face LEFP.

After team “No Mercy” disbanded, both “Punn” and “M4tt” joined CSPG Immortals, which definitely makes the team stronger on paper.

Punn” is known as one of the better in-game leaders in the region and the team will need his experience in order to stand a chance and perhaps stage an upset.

It’s clear that LEFP are still huge favorites and anything but a clean sweep would be a surprise in our eyes.

We believe that CSPG Immortals need a bit more time with “Punn” to get to the level that is required to fight against the very best team in the region.


IFM vs Kings Demise

Infamous surprised everyone by reaching the Grand Finals in the previous season.

Not many people expected that.

They beat CsPG Immortals on their way to the finals, however, they did get a little lucky, as they didn’t have to face No Mercy or LEFP.

We’ve seen “Gakky” leave the team recently and “Bladezz” from CSPG Immortals replacing him.

We don’t think this tradeoff changes much as both players are on a similar level.

Kings Demise is the new team in the region and we haven’t seen team play in an event yet.

We did see two of their players (“Pewl” and “Inferno”) play for the European “Kings Uprising”, so they definitely have the experience needed to perform at the top level.

Joining them are “Vath” and “A17” that played for No Mercy during the previous season.

One of the most notable names on the roster is definitely “Joy”, who used to play for LEFP.  He is the one that we’re expecting to get a huge amount of frags in the upcoming matches.

There have been the same few teams at the top of the Asian region for a while now and it’s going to be interesting to see if Kings Demise can disrupt that.

This one is not that easy to call, but there is a big chance it’s going to be a three map match.

Kings Demise has a lot to prove here, while Infamous is eager to repeat their success from the previous season.

PREDICTION: 2-1/1-2 for Kings Demise/Infamous


Nova eSports vs Dynasty

Nova eSports finished the Critical Ops Winter season undefeated.

They are the only team in the world to achieve that.

They also ended Team Elevate’s reign by beating them in the Grand Finals with a 3-1 scoreline, showing that they are the best team in the European region at the moment.

All of the players on the NE’s lineup contributed to this achievement, proving  that their team isn’t built around one or two star players.

Dynasty is a new team under the leadership of a very known and skilled player – "Angel".

The team also features a lot of known players that have played at the top level in the past, such as “Adjure” and “Kuba”.

However, the team probably doesn’t have a lot of playtime together as it was just created.

Their teamwork certainly can’t match the chemistry of Nova eSports.

Nova eSports are the favorites and they should be able to take this one home, however there is a chance that Dynasty will grab a map in this matchup.

PREDICTION: 2-1 for Nova eSports

Team Elevate vs SetToDestroyX

We’ve seen Team Elevate lose two of their highly skilled players after the end of the Critical Ops Winter Season ("Alpha" & "Angel").

The departure of these players will definitely hinder their chances in the upcoming tournament.

The question is to what extent.

They still have a formidable team core (“Osynt” & “Don-Hys” and “Strong”).  

The acquisition of “Prolord” and “Quaredy”, that used to play for “SKY2FLY”, might bring something new to the team and potentially improve their team play.

SetToDestroyX didn’t really show up during the previous season.

They lost versus Elevate in the Semi-Finals and they only managed to win 6 rounds on both of the maps.

Their performance during the winter was nothing to brag about.

It’s true that Elevate’s lineup looks different now, however we still think they are going to win this match.

There is a chance that SetToDestroyX is going to snatch a map, however that’s as far as they’ll go if they didn’t improve drastically during the break.

PREDICTION: 2-0/2-1 for Team Elevate

Do you agree with our predictions?

Or do you see different outcomes?

Let us know in the comments!

Don’t miss our Critical Ops Spring Invitational!

The tournament is scheduled to go live on 22nd of April and there’s going to be a lot of great live games as usual.

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