C-OPS Predictions: EURASIA Grand Finals

December 9, 2018 13:15

It's almost time to close out the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

We still have one more match in the store for you and that is the Grand Finals of 'EURASIA', where CSPG Gaming is set to face against Vision Gaming in a best-of-five.

Without further ado, here is our prediction for this series.

CSPG Gaming vs Vision Gaming

Before the beginning of the Autumn Invitational, CSPG Gaming found themselves in trouble as four of their players “Avi”, “Burnz”, “Evolution”  and “Ted” went inactive.

A lot of people expected this to cause huge problems for the team, but in the end, CSPG Gaming managed to overcome this without much of a problem and reach the Grand Finals in a convincing fashion.

In the Semi Final match against SpaceX Gaming, CSPG showed complete dominance as they pretty much destroyed the up and coming Asian team that many considered as the regional favorites.

They just lost 8 rounds over the course of two maps in the process.

Unravel” showed a huge potential and he will have to perform in the Grand Finals if they want to beat Europe’s finest.

The likes of “NyT” and “xzr” can also step up at any time, and we’d say that CSPG has all the ingredients that they need in order to clinch the title.

Vision Gaming didn’t have such a flawless run in the Semi-Finals, as they dropped a map against S2 Gaming.

Their Grounded looked rather weak, but now they did have some time to go over the mistakes and fix it for the Grand Finals.

They also showed resilience especially on Bureau where they were able to recover from 9-12 which is not something many teams are capable of.

Angel” and “Adjure”, together with “Grizz” are a very capable trio, and we’re sure they can put up a fight.

On paper, Vision Gaming has been playing together for a longer time, and CSPG gaming just gathered up with the new roster prior to the start of the Autumn Invitational.

Even thought CSPG Gaming looked more dominant in their matches, they’re playing against a different beast now, and they will need to bring up their A game to beat Vision Gaming.

On the other hand, we’re sure Vision Gaming can play better, and now is the time for them to deliver.

For the first time, it’s rather hard to call who’s going to get out on top in this one, but we do expect to see all five maps being played.

It may all come down to a which team has a better day.

Predictions: 3-2 Vision Gaming or 3-2 CSPG Gaming

Those are our predictions for ‘EURASIA’ Grand Finals.

What do you think?

Are we going to see a European team or an Asian team at the top?

Let us know down in the comments below.

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