C-ops Predictions: Asian Semi Finals

September 1, 2018 03:04

Coming into the Asian Critical Ops Summer Season, it was clear that it wasn't going to be easy for any of the teams involved.

In the end, all of the teams suffered a loss, making it clear that nobody is untouchable.

The following are our predictions for the Asian Semi-Finals.


Kings Demise vs Learn From Past

It might be a bit surprising to see that Kings Demise finished first in the Group Stage, but if you take a look at their performance during the Spring Invitational, it was clear that the team has a lot of potentials.

In the Valiance Summer Season, they've already proved that.

Their only loss in the Group was to Learn From Past on Grounded in the last match of the fourth week and it was a great game from both sides as LEFP triumphed with 13:11 victory.

Kings Demise also had a weak showing versus Team Xion on Plaza, however, they also showed that they're able to pull a comeback and that they won't go down without a fight.

In that one, they turned around an 8:12 scoreline on the Counter-Terrorist side into 13:12 victory in the end.

Joy“, „xzr“ and „unveil“ have shown consistency in their performance so far.

The team is young and they've been playing for a while now with the core, and the true test for them will come in the playoffs.

Learn From Past still seems to be struggling and that's somewhat strange to see, considering that during the Critical Ops Winter Season, they were the untouchable team in the Asian region.

Now, they barely made it out of the Group Stage, and have also shown that it's very hard to predict what they will bring up to the table.

They're the only team in the group that managed to get the victory over Kings Demise, but they also lost matches to both Xion on Bureau (10:13) and Infamous on Canals (11:13).

DES1RE“ and „DeSPa1R“ is a combo that you can always count on, and we've also seen „RegreT“ and „Honor“ step it up from time to time.

Now, they will play Kings Demise in a best-of-three.

Although LEFP got the victory over Kings Demise in the Group Stage, that shouldn't really mean much, as that match had no impact on Kings Demise standing so they might have been saving strategies.

It's going to all come down to how Learn From Past will enter this match.

If they can bring their gameplay from the Winter Season, this matchup might go to the distance.

As it stands now, Kings Demise is the favorite.

PREDICTIONS: 2-1 Kings Demise

CSPG vs Infamous

CSPG ended up within the top four teams at the first ever LAN event, but that was a completely different team with only „Ted“ being the same player from the roster so it shouldn't be taken into the account.

We've also seen CSPG win the Spring Invitational, and they're also the first Asian champions in the mixed competition.

That surely means something.

In their match against Kings Demise, they had a horrendous showing on Bureau, as they couldn't win a single round on both sides, resulting with the team losing the match with 0:13 scoreline.

Against Infamous they didn't have a good start by any means, losing the Terrorist half with (2:9) score.

After that, Infamous reached 12 rounds, but to no avail, as CSPG mounted a huge comeback and got the 13:12 victory.

In the rest of the Group Stage matches, CSPG showed stellar gameplay.

On paper, CSPG should have the strongest lineup in the region, with the likes of „Tiktok“, „Mxtt“ and „Ted“ playing great in the first phase of the competition.

BurnZ“ and „EvoLu71oN“ have to be mentioned as well since they're more than capable players.

On the other hand, Infamous made roster changes just before the start of the season.

Still, they were able to perform at a decent level and end up third.

In the Group Stage, they were able to beat the likes of Xion/BEG4MERCY on Legacy (13:3/13:5) and Learn from Past on Canals (13:11).

BiBo“ had a huge performance against LEFP, not only frag-wise, but also in the last round of the match since he won the one-versus-one against „RegreT“.

In the match versus CSPG, they crumbled after having a huge lead on the half (9:2), just to lose the match later on 12:13 on Bureau.

Even four match points were not enough for them to close out the match.

Once again, they will face CSPG, but this time in the Semi-Finals and on more than one map.

Infamous is a capable team and we feel that they just need more game time together before they can beat the likes of CSPG or Kings Demise in a series.

We wouldn't be surprised if Infamous took a map, but that should be their maximum coming into this matchup.


Those are our thoughts on the upcoming Asia Semi-Finals.

Do you agree with us, or do you think we're terribly wrong here?

Make sure to write down your opinion in the comment section below!

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