C-OPS PREDICTIONS: Americas Semifinals

May 11, 2018 15:46

The quarterfinals in the „AMERICAS“ region are over and most of the favorites managed to advance to the next round.

The only “surprise” happened in the match between SpacestationGG and Hammers eSports (ex-IFL), where Spacestation won, but got disqualified because one of their players (Evolve) cheated.

Truly disappointing.

With that being said, here are our predictions for the AMERICAS semifinals in the upcoming week.

South American Regional Finals

Battalion vs Insanity Killers

Battalion faced V4lhalla Gaming in the Quarterfinals and beat the defending champions quite convincingly on both maps. (13-7 Plaza, 13-5 Grounded)

The key player was definitely „iBerbelX“ who was the top fragger in both games.

His ability to kill multiple opponents on the Counter-Terrorist side made it way easier for his team to clinch the victory.

We haven't seen a lot from their latest addition, „Mixhawk“, who joined the team after the disbandment of New Era Team.

However, the toughest matches of the Spring Invitational are yet to come and he’ll have a chance to prove himself.

If „Reziq“ will be able to play in the upcoming match, he should further increase the chances of Battalion making it into the Grand Finals of the „AMERICAS“ bracket.

Insanity Killers were initially scheduled to face Never Believed in the Quarterfinals, but the latter team decided to drop out two days before the tournament.

TNTG was the team that replaced them, but they didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the event.

On Plaza, Insanity Killers dropped 8 rounds in total, while on Grounded they dominated the match, losing just 3 rounds.

SheikDxress“ had a field day on Grounded, as he was able to get 28 frags in just 16 rounds, showing that he can be the driving force of the team.

We're also expecting „GOLL1NS“ to put up higher numbers in the fragging department in the upcoming match.

Both teams faced each other in the Critical Ops Winter season, where we've seen Insanity Killers drop the 2-0 map lead, eventually losing the Grand Finals with a 3-2 scoreline.

Coming into the Semi-Finals, both teams have good chances of making it to the Grand Finals.

We do think Battalion has a slight edge, as they seem to have more experience when it comes to high-pressure matches.

It's almost certain we're going to see 3 maps in this one.

PREDICTION: 2-1 for Battalion

North American Regional Finals

Gankstars vs Hammers eSports

If this match was played two weeks ago, we’d definitely favor Gankstars over their opponents.

However, things have changed. “Solar” got banned for cheating and “MVP” got removed from the team.

Suddenly, Gankstars are not looking as solid as before.

They did recruit “Alpha”, who is a top-tier player, and “Carnage”, but the team will need some time to gel and make proper adjustments.

In the interview with Gankstars’ team manager (Judgement), he said that it wouldn’t be a surprise if Hammers eSports won this time and that their bad performance in the last finals doesn’t do the team justice.

Hammers eSports (ex-IFL) is the second team that advanced to the Semi-Finals after SpacestationGG got disqualified from the tournament.

Hammers eSports did lose both maps in quarterfinals (8-13 Canals, 4-13 Plaza), however, SSG's Evolve, who was cheating, was one of the best players in the series.

We all remember their last important match that was played in the Critical Ops Winter Season Grand Finals, where they lost (0-3) against Gankstars.

As if the desire for revenge wasn’t enough,  the team recently got acquired Hammers eSports organization and is surely extra motivated.

After all the recent events, we see Hammers eSports as the favorites in this matchup and think they have a slight edge over Gankstars.

PREDICTION: 2-1 for Hammers eSports

Those are our predictions for the semifinals of „AMERICAS“ bracket.

Do you think we nailed them or do you see a different outcome?

Let us know in the comments!

The Semi-Finals will be played on 12th of May, starting at 18:00 EDT.

Make sure to tune in at youtube.com/valiancegg once we go live!

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