C-OPS North America: What did we learn during the Summer Season

September 14, 2018 13:33

We've seen a lot of great and exciting matches during the Critical Ops Summer Season, especially in the North American region.

Now that the season is finished, here are the key takeaway points.

Gankstars didn't show up this season

After winning the Spring Invitational and the Critical Ops LAN Finals, the bar was set high for the current reigning champions.

During the Group Stage, they've shown weakness in their gameplay in the matches against D2R and Hammers Esports.

However, we've seen that in some of the previous seasons as well and they will still able to bring their A-game when it really mattered.

Unfortunately for them this time, they couldn't play up to their level, which resulted in them losing to Hammers Esports yet again, but this time in the Semi-Finals where there was no room for errors.

To be honest, they didn't really put up much of a fight there as well, losing both on Canals (2:13) and Legacy (8:13).

There could be numerous reasons why Gankstars were not able to perform.

It's also possible that they didn't give their absolute maximum after winning the Critical Ops LAN event.

Regardless of the reason, they are still the number one team in the region, and it's going to take other teams much more than winning a single season to take the crown away from them.

We do think this is a good wake up call for Gankstars, and we're almost certain that they will return to the form we're used to seeing them already in the following season.

D2R latest addition pushed the team toward the finish line

D2R has always been among the elite teams in North America.

With competent management and the people that are behind the team, it was just a matter of time when they would end up getting that number one spot.

The acquisition of „Kam“ who is regarded as the best player in the game by many and with „Akjon“  performing out of his mind in important matches, made everything set for D2R.

Until the Grand Finals, the team didn't lose a single game, even though some of them ended up being very close.

D2R entered the last match of the season against Hammers Esports as a slight favorite, but in the end, it could have been anyone's series.

Thanks to „Akjon“ who went on the rampage in the last map reaching almost 30 frags, D2R was able to win the championship title.

Just by looking how well D2R has been playing in this season, there is a chance that this is just the beginning for this team.

One thing is certain – This lineup is capable of beating any team right now.

The king of second places – Hammer Esports

It's the second time in a row that we see Hammers Esports ending up on the second place.

After their defeat to Gankstars in the Critical OPS LAN event, D2R got the better end of them in Critical Ops Summer Season Grand Finals.

At least in the Summer Season, Hammer Esports had a decent chance to get the title, and their gameplay was looking really solid.

The positive thing for them is the fact that they did beat Gankstars along the way to the Grand Finals and that's the hurdle they've finally managed to pass.

It not easy for a team to lose two matches in the Grand Finals in a row, but if they reflect on their mistakes and try to work it out, anything is possible.

Regardless, Hammers Esports is showing constant improvement and we do think they have high chances to potentially win something in the future.

Not looking good for rest of the scene

The gap between D2R, Gankstars and Hammers Esports and the rest of the scene seems to be a bit too big right now.

It's almost certain that the future events are going to feature those three teams at the top, and it's hard to tell what the other teams can do in order to catch up.

There aren't that many players that can match the level of any players in one of these three teams.

Impreza can look good from time to time, but even them are unlikely to beat any of them in the important matches.

That's it for North America for this season.

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