C-OPS Europe: What did we learn during the Summer Season

September 24, 2018 14:25

Now that the dust has settled and the Critical Ops Summer Season is over, it's time for us to go over the key takeaway points for the European region.

Vision Gaming is the team to beat right now

Even though Vision Gaming didn't perform well at the first Critical Ops LAN event, they were able to step up to the challenge and deliver in the Critical Ops Summer Season.

In their defense, they didn't have the same lineup before as they do now.

The acquisition of „str0ng“, „Quaredy“ and „DyN“ was clearly the right move and it made it possible for them to get the title.

Up until the Grand Finals of the season, Vision Gaming did drop a map to Throne during the Group Stage and a map to SetToDestroyX in the Semi-Finals, showing at times that it is possible for other teams to beat them.

However, in the Grand Finals, their gameplay looked impeccable on the Counter-Terrorist side, especially on Canals and Grounded.

The third map (Plaza), ended up being a close one, but even then Vision Gaming delivered.

In the end, they were able to clean sweep Throne in the Grand Finals with 3-0 scoreline.

It's interesting to note that „Angel“ wasn't playing in the Semi-Finals or the Grand Finals and instead „Kuba“ and „HeadShot“ took his place.

Still, Vision Gaming played up to their standards, showing they are a team that doesn't rely only on a single player.

Rest of the scene is going to need to step it up in order to beat the new number one team of the region.

Throne had a great run but now the team has disbanded

As the title says, Throne had an amazing season, regardless of the loss in the Grand Finals where they couldn't simply live up to the challenge.

It's even more impressive when you take into the account the fact that Throne had to go through the Open Qualifier and almost won it all.

For those that don't know it, this was their first showing in the Critical Ops premier event.

Two of the players, „Rest“ and „Thierry“, did leave the team mid-season.

Just today, the team officially announced that they have disbanded.

This is really sad to see considering what they were able to achieve in this season.

We’re yet to see where the members of the team will decide to go.

S2 Gaming and Team Elevate need to step it up

S2 Gaming encountered troubles during this season, especially since they opened it up with two losses against Vision Gaming and SetToDestroyX.

Luckily for them, they were able to bounce back and reach the playoffs, but only as the last seeded team.

Against Throne in the Semi-Finals, they got the lead in the series by winning Canals, but after that they kind of flopped.

The fact that they removed the likes of „Naarkz“, and „Pokus“ who were the long-standing members of the team, didn't help them at all.

As expected, they just couldn't make it in the end, but as we all know, after you make the lineup changes, it takes time to align everything within the team.

Rest“ and „Thierry“ have a chance to improve this lineup immensely.

It’s also important to mention that both “Loxii” and “Sneaky” joined up the team recently,

We’re yet to see how these changes are going to impact the team.

Team Elevate once managed to acquire a single victory during the Group Stages, if you don't count the one against Throne which got removed later on due to the use of the ineligible account.

With the loss of „str0ng“, „Quaredy“ and „DyN“, the team is obviously in a worse shape than before.

However, „Hushy“, „Don-Hys“ and „Osynt“ are still there, but it might take them some time to rebuild and start playing on the level we're used to seeing them.

Prinho” did join up from S2 Gaming not so long ago and we’re all aware that he is a strong player.

Surely, the team is capable more than what we've seen in the Critical Ops Summer Season. 

SetToDestroX looks better, but still not on the championship level

We did criticize SetToDestroyX in the past, but for this season, they have shown that they can fight even against the best teams.

During the Group Stage, the team almost never went down without a fight, ending on the third place with a really good round balance.

In the Semi-Finals, they won the map against Vision Gaming (Bureau), but unfortunately, they couldn't keep up the pace for the whole series.

Still, the team slowly seems to be improving, and there is a chance for them to do more in some of the upcoming seasons.

That's it for Europe key takeaways.

Do you see any new team that can potentially emerge?

As per usual, write down your opinion in the comments.

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