C-OPS Asia: What did we learn during the Summer Season

September 25, 2018 14:40

Prior to the start of the Critical Ops Summer Season, a lot of teams decided to make the changes to the roster.

By doing this, they made it really hard to predict who's going to triumph in the end.

Now that the season has finished and we have the final standing, here are the key takeaway points for the Asian region.

Kings Demise won the season, but the team has now disbanded

As the title says, Kings Demise was able to clinch the title and get on the Asian throne.

Already in the Group Stage, they proved themselves as the team that has the potential to take it all, and the round balance of (24) just showed in what kind of form they are right now.

In both Semi-Finals and Grand Finals, Kings Demise dropped maps, however, things almost never looked out of control for them.

Against LEFP, they dominated the last map of the series (Canals), losing just a single round in total.

The Grand Finals versus CSPG Gaming went the distance, but when it all came down to the fifth map, Kings Demise stepped it up, especially on the Counter-Terrorist side, allowing them to win it in the end.

It's also important to note that also rotated players during the Grand Finals, using both „Pewl“ and  „Hazzy“ in some of the matches.

Joy“ and „xzr“ proved to be the heavy-hitters for the team and they contributed a lot in most of the victories for their team.

It’s shame to see that this team decided to stop playing together and it’s also very unusual to see a team fold, especially after winning the championship.

We hope that some of the players will be seen playing together in another team.

CSPG Gaming couldn't deliver for the second season in a row

As you already know, CSPG Gaming is the first Asian team that managed to win the title in the Critical Ops mixed competition.

Unfortunately for them, they were unable to repeat their previous success from the Spring Invitational in the Summer Season.

Along the way, they have shown weaknesses on the multiple occasions, with the prime example being their 0:13 defeat in the Group Stage against Kings Demise.

They displayed a great comeback after losing the initial map (Grounded) in the Semi-Finals versus Infamous by winning Legacy and Bureau up next.

The Grand Finals started off very badly for CSPG Gaming since Kings Demise were the ones to win the first two maps.

Later on, CSPG Gaming stepped it up and they were on the verge of potentially winning the title, however, Kings Demise just proved to be too strong on Bureau.

CSPG Gaming will have to work a bit more on their consistency but finishing up second is not a bad result at all by any means of the imagination.

TikTok” decided to leave the team and he joined the new force in the region called „SpaceX”.

CSPG Gaming also mentioned that they might be taking a break in one of the interviews, so we have to wait and see how all this is going to affect the team.

LEFP and Infamous both lost crucial members to SpaceX

LEFP was always considered as one of the top teams in the region, however, in the last few seasons they did fall off.

There is also a chance that the other teams were simply able to catch up with them.

Since both „DeSPa1R“, and „DES1RE“ left the team for „SpaceX”, it’s going to be really hard for LEFP to rebuild the team.

We’re yet to see what lineup they’re going to field in the future.

Infamous, on the other hand, made the roster changes before the start of this season and they were still able to perform at a decent level.

They also won a map in the Semi-Finals against CSPG Gaming, but they couldn't keep up with the same level of play until the end of the series.

Same as in the case of LEFP, „BiBo” and „Kiola” left the team and joined „SpaceX”.

Without a doubt, this is going to affect the team, and it’s hard to tell which players are going to join the team instead.

That's all we have to say about the Critical Ops Summer Season in Asia.

Do you agree with everything we've said above?

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