C-Ops Americas Grand Finals Prediction

May 19, 2018 12:20

Are you ready for the Critical Ops Spring Invitational „Americas“ Grand Finals?!

The big showdown is going to happen this weekend and we’re going see team Insanity Killers go up against Gankstars in a best of five series!

With the championship on the line we are sure both teams are going to bring their A-game and entertain us with some amazing C-Ops.

Here is our prediction for the Grand Finals.

Insanity Killers vs Gankstars

For those that don't remember, Insanity Killers made a huge blunder in the Critical Ops Winter Season.

They led 2-0 against team Nerds in Arms (now team Battalion), just to lose three maps in a row, losing the Grand Finals 2-3.

They made sure not to repeat the same mistake again in the semifinals, as they managed to get revenge against team Battalion by beating them 2-0 (13-12 Grounded, 13-11 Legacy) in two very close games.

Grounded featured one of the most insane comebacks we've seen in the history of Critical Ops.

Insanity Killers were down 10 rounds (2:12), but still somehow managed to win!

Definitely a performance to remember.

C0sm0s“ has been looking very strong with the U-ratio, especially in the match against Battalion, where he proved himself as one of the best players in the South American region.

SheikDxress“ was also impressive and his ability to hold the spots on the Counter-Terrorist side and get multiple frags is of utmost importance to his team.

We shouldn’t forget „GOLL1NS“ and „BrGomes“, who can also step up and deliver at any given moment.

They are also well known in the community and definitely a strong addition to the IK’s lineup.

The team is obviously looking way better than in the previous seasoan thanks to the roster changes they’ve made.

It's great to see that they have overcome their „choking“ issues.

We're sure they can make the finals very interesting, if they saved their best for last.

Gankstars, on the other hand, showed some weaknesses by losing the first map in both quarterfinals (D2R) and semifinals (Hammers eSports).

However, they also showed their ability to come back and win the game, even if they start slow.

Solar“ got banned for using cheats not that long ago and got kicked off the team together with „MVP“.

This is definitely a setback for Gankstar, but history tells us that we can never count them out, even when it seems that nothing is going their way.

We haven't seen their newest acquisition,  „Alpha“, play during the match against Hammers eSports, but we do think there is a chance he will be in the starting five for the Grand Finals.

xSmgg“ did get a chance to play in the semifinals, however, he didn't show much, at least in the fragging department, as he was usually near the bottom of the scoreboard.

The most impressive player so far must be „Joker“.

He delivers wherever it's needed, be it leading the team, calling plays or fragging opponents.

Night“ also showed that the team can count on him, especially if we look at their deciding map against Hammers-eSports (Bureau), where he got 30 frags.

Since the match is going to be played cross-server, the latency might have an effect on the score.

We do think Gankstars faced better opponents until now, but the biggest reason for this is the fact that North American scene is currently the toughest one around.

Since these teams don't play or practice against each other, it will be interesting to see how their clash will end.

Gankstars are clear favorites on paper and anything but a victory would be a disappointment for them.

Insanity Killers have a chance to take a map or two, but we don't see them taking the series.

PREDICTIONS: 3-1/3-2 Gankstars

Here you have it.

Our prediction for the Grand Finals.

Do you agree with us or do you think Insanity Killers can beat Gankstars?

Let us know what you think the outcome will be in the comments!

The match is scheduled for 20th May, 18:00 EDT.

Don’t miss it! Tune in at youtube.com/valiancegg

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