BrGomes shares his thoughts about AMERICAS Grand Finals

December 2, 2018 21:30

We’re just two hours away from the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational Americas Grand Finals.

It’s not going to be easy for both of the teams coming into this matchup.

As you already probably know by now, Insanity Killers are representing South America in Grand Finals.

To find out what they think they’re chances are for these Grand Finals against Hammers Esports, we’ve asked "BrGomes" a couple of questions.


Without a doubt, your team deserved to be in the Grand Finals.

In the Quarterfinals, Team "HITZ" didn't give you much of a trouble.

Did you expect such an easy series?

Hitz Team” is a new team in the South American competitive scene so we already imagined it would be an easy match.

Due to this being their first tournament we knew they'd be pressured.

Coming into the Semi-Finals, IDS Gaming was looking like a team that could potentially do damage to you.

However, that didn't turn out to be the case as you pretty much destroyed them, losing 5 rounds over the course of two maps.

Can you tell us something about these games and did you think it would be a harder match?

Against "IDS Gaming" the matches were really easy.

We thought it would be harder but it was a good match and we were able to show them our dominance during the CT side which was beneficial to our success.

What does it mean for you to be at the top of the South American scene?

Representing South America is very gratifying to us, seeing our work paying off.

I'm super happy to see our team succeeding.

In the Grand Finals of Autumn Invitational, you will face Hammers Esports.

How would you rate your chances in the Grand Finals?

Facing them head on I've no clue what our chances will be, due to our server not being in the best shape for us.

We'll try our best to bring home this tournament.

In your opinion, which two players in their lineup do you think are going to be the biggest threat to you in the series?

The players whom I think are a threat would be "High" and "Obzerps".

They are really good players.

Would you like to share something with the community?

I'd also like to make a request in behalf of the community to the developers to give more attention to the SA region and SA troubles.

We've lost half of our best competitive players due to lack of attention.


Winning the Grand Finals would mean a lot for both of the teams.

Insanity Killers will surely try their best and try to take Hammers Esports down.

Make sure to tune in to our YouTube channel (ValianceGG) once we go live.

You can follow Insanity Killers at - @KillersInsanity

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