BrGomes and SEM1 share their thoughts ahead of SA GF

March 24, 2018 17:25

We're only a few hours away from the South American Grand Finals where we're going to see Nerds in Arms go up against Insanity Killers.

Both teams had an excellent season so far and it will be interesting to see if Nerds in Arms can reclaim their number one spot in the region.

To get a better insight into team's preparation, we decided to talk with BrGomes (Insanity killers) and SEM1 (Nerds in Arms).

Here is what they had to say about the upcoming match.

Part 1: Insanity Killers

You won fairly easy in the Critical Ops Winter Season Semi-Finals versus Screen Shot. Did you expect it to go that well?

iK BrGomes - We have been training a lot since our first loss against NewEra during the first week. We were sure of a victory but not an easy one.

At the begging of the season, you were directly invited to the Group Stages and now you have a chance to become the Champion. What would it mean for you and your team if you manage to win in the end?

iK BrGomes - We are incredibly happy to have been handed this opportunity to show the whole Critical Ops community that we do exist and are a good team!

In the Grand-Finals, you will play against Nerds in Arms that are most likely the best team in the region. What do you think of them as a team?

iK BrGomes - As a team, I think they are good. „Iberbel“ is an excellent player, although our team is strong and full of belief.

I am without a doubt we are going to be this season's champions.

Considering it's a best-of-five, who do you think this favors more?

iK BrGomes - A best-of-five doesn't favor one nor the other. We all have our strong and weak points.

Since there is still some time until the Grand Finals, are you preparing some specific tactics for Nerds in Arms?

iK BrGomes - We don't have many strategies and we won't be preparing anything special for the Grand Finals.

Is there anything you wish to say to your fans?

iK BrGomes - Thank you for the support is all I have to say to our fans! #goiK

Part 2: Nerds in Arms

In the Semi-Finals, you ended up matching New Era Team which played very well in the previous season, but this time you were able to overcome them with the convincing scoreline.

Does this surprise you, or you thought it would be a harder match than it ended up to be?

NiA SEM1 - We were pretty surprised to have lost last season.

The group phase brought us our revenge, or so we thought.

It was actually easy sailing, just like every other Group Stage match.

Last season we were in the midst of a process of preadaptation due to two new players in our line up. Our progress wasn't as spot on and how many saw, we fell.

Little by little, we are getting back up there again.

You had a disappointing Group Stage exit in the Critical Ops Autumn Season.

Is coming back to the top of the region the main objective for you now and how much a victory over Insanity Killers would mean to you?

NiA SEM1 - These Finals represent much more than our overcoming. We have a strong mindset when it's against iK due to past losses, so winning these Finals mean much more than being champions!

What do you think about Insanity Killers as a team and how well do their players stack up against yours?

NiA SEM1 - I think of them as very skilled players but aim wise and not strategy wise.

They want to play based of entry frags and aim duels (1v1), while we wish to ambush the team and get them all together.

Two different teams, I must say.

They have some players who are more skilled than ours, but we are a TEAM.

One will fill in the others weakness and that definitely makes a difference.

There is still some time left until the Grand Finals. Are you going to play your standard game or you have something special in mind for Insanity Killers?

NiA SEM1 - This we'll show during our match. They've been showing their default layout during matches lately and we'll work on top of that.

Any words for the fans that might be watching the game and your supporters in general?

NiA SEM1 - Let the best team win!

Hopefully, we will perform well in the Grand Finals.

See you in the game!

It's very hard to predict who's going to be crowned as the champion for this region.

We thank both of the teams for the interview and wish them best of luck in the upcoming match.

Make sure to tune in at once we go live.

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