BlaKe: I’ve achieved everything with Nova, so I created a new team

July 16, 2018 17:03

"BlaKe" is a known figure in the Critical Ops scene.

He's been the captain of one of the best European teams - "Nova eSports".

A while ago he decided to leave them and created a new team called „Team Legacy“.

At the moment, they're participating in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers, where they are only one game away from qualifying to the Group Stage.

To find out how the team has been doing, we've talked with the man himself.


Hello "blaKe", please walk us through your lineup and tell us the roles of each player.


Our in-game Leader is mostly "Tetro" (who is also a High Captain), sometimes I IGL too.

Our entry frager is "Twist".

We are still discussing the other roles.

We’ve been playing together as a team for around 3/4 months.

Before you were playing in Nova eSports as a team captain.

Now you've created a new team, where you are the leader once again.

Can you tell us why you left one of the best teams and how you ended up creating this team?

I left "Nova Esports" because I reached everything I wanted with them as a leader, so I decided to leave.

Also, I wanted to play competitive, so I created "Team Legacy" with „Twist“.

You are now on the verge of qualifying for Valiance Summer Season.

You've managed to beat "We Love Gaming", a team that was one of the heavy favorites to advance into the Group Stage and later on you’ve won “Bluzers”.

Can you walk us through both of these matches?

Nothing special happened versus "We Love Gaming", we know what we are capable of and prepared very well for the match.

The match against “Bluzers” went easier than we have anticipated.

In the next round, your opponent will be either “Exclusive or “Reign”.

What do you think is going to advance and do you see your team passing this hurdle?

It will be a tough match but I think “Exclusive” will win versus “Reign”.

If we keep practicing like we are we will beat "Exclusive" too.

What do you think about the Qualifiers format – Do you like playing best-of-one's or do you prefer some other format?

The best of 1 format is, in my opinion, is appropriate since its only qualifiers.

Maybe for the final match of the qualifiers, a best of three would be a better choice.

If you make it to the Group Stage, you will face some of the best team in Europe such as „Team Elevate“, „Dynasty“, „SetToDestroyX“ and your old team „Nova eSports“.

Would you say your team is ready for such challenges, or do you still need practice in order to take a map or the series against any of these teams?

I think if we practice enough for the group stages, we will be able to compete versus the top teams.

We still need time and preparation though.

Who do you consider as the number one team in Europe right now and what's the main reason for it?

For me the best team is "Nova Esports", I know what these guys are capable of if they practice hard enough.

They have probably the best chemistry and their players are skilled individuals who are experienced and know how to handle hard situations.

What are your team’s goals for the next 3 months?

One of our main goals is to qualify for the Valiance Group Stages and  build up the chemistry.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

Thanks to everyone that has been supporting us.

We appreciate everyone that gives us positive energy and motivates us to keep on playing! #legaRISE

BlaKe has already proven that he is a capable captain.

It will be interesting to see what heights he can achieve with his new team.

You can follow his new team at - @ TeamLegacyCOPS

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