Asian Invities - Autumn Invitational

October 24, 2018 13:27

During the last week, we've revealed all of our participants in the 'EURASIA' part of the bracket.

Since Kings Demise disbanded after winning the Summer Season, this season should be more open as the throne for Asian scene is up for grabs.

If you don't know it yet, two of the teams received an invite based on their performance in the previous season, while two of the teams were given a special invitation into the Autumn Invitational.

In this article, we will focus on the Asian invites.


Summer Season Finalists

SpaceX Gaming roster looks very scary

Since Kings Demise disbanded, we had to invite another team instead.

Without any doubt, SpaceX Gaming deserves to be directly invited into the Autumn Invitational.

Just by looking at their lineup which includes the likes of „Leapy“, Tiktok“, Despair“ and „Desire“, it's obvious that this is a top team.

There is also a lot of experience here since some of these players played in the top Asian teams like CSPG Gaming and LEFP.

We also should mention „BiBo“, „Kiola“ and „A17“ as all of them are more than capable players.

The team on paper seems rock solid, and they have high chances of taking it all.

CSPG Gaming still looking solid

In the Summer Season, CSPG Gaming made it all the way to the Grand Finals, where they lost to Kings Demise in the fifth map of the series.

Nevertheless, it was a great match to watch and it could have ended up differently.

For this season, CSPG lineup looks completely different as „Avi“, „Burnz“, „Evolution“ and „Ted“ have decided to pause their Critical Ops carrier for now.

Still, the lineup features the likes of „Unveil“, „Vanish“, Xzr“ who we have all seen during the time of Kings Demise, and we know that they can play the game on a really high level.

Both „Nyt“ and „Matt“ are also in the lineup, making this one still a very promising team for the upcoming season.

Special Invites

Unicorns have the potential to do damage

Next in the line to receive a direct invite into the Season is Unicorns.

They might not have the star players like SpaceX Gaming or CSPG, but they do have some experienced players like „Heaven“ and „Obliviscor“ in the lineup, which should provide a solid guidance to the rest of the team.

There are also some lesser known names like „Luna“, „Elfee“ and „_Aversion“ in the roster.

It's very hard to predict how these players will stack against the finest players in the region, but at the point, it would be unfair to count them out.

Nightsky Rangers might be the dark horse

The Japanese powerhouse, Nightsky Rangers, includes several ex-players from LEFP like „Honor“, and „Relax“.

In the interview, they've also stated that they managed to beat every team in the practice games and that is a big plus for them.

They also seem to be extra motivated and we're excited to see how well they will perform in the Autumn Invitational.

Those are the invites for this season.

How do you feel about them?

Do you think we skipped any of the teams?

Let us know in the comments below.

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