Asian Finals: Learn from the past, win in the present

March 28, 2018 15:08

LEFP (Learn From Past) stumbled in the previous season where they didn't manage to pass the Group Stage, but they really did learn from the past and didn’t repeat the same mistake again.

They have performed exceptionally well through the whole Winter Season.

LEFP made it look easy in the Grand Finals versus team Infamous, proving that they are the undisputed number one team in the region at the moment!

Without further ado, here is the breakdown of the finals;


In the first pistol round, we've seen LEFP manage to sneak to the B site as Terrorists and plant the bomb without any losses on either side.

They've also shown a stellar hold once they got the bomb site and grabbed the round without any problems.

After losing an eco round, Infamous decided to force buy in the third round, having almost no utility.

It didn’t work out for them, as both LEFP's „Shame“ and „ReL4X“ got the entry frags for their team which allowed them to get the round.

LEFP also won the following two rounds, as Infamous defense was pretty bad at the time.

Once again we've seen „ReL4X“ and „Shame“ get the entry frags followed by a double kill by „DeSPa1R“ to finish it off.

LEFP continued with a stellar performance until the 9th round, when Infamous finally got their first round of the match.

GaKKy“ got a double kill on the A long, which allowed „N4TSU_“  to secure the round later.

The following round was very quick, as both teams were exchanging frags at a rapid pace, but this time it was Infamous that got the better of it.

LEFP's „DeSPa1R“ was left in the 1v3 situation which he wasn't able to win, allowing Infamous to get their second round.

After that, we've seen Infamous „GaKKy“ get the entry frag, however, LEFP's „Joy“ made an insane play with an U-ratio, which opened the B bomb spot for his team, winning them the round.

The last round of the half went into Infamous favor.

LEFP entered the second half with a 6 round lead.

Once the sides swapped, Infamous initially planned to go for the A site, but were hesitating for a moment too long.

This allowed LEFP to rotate and get into good position, getting them the second pistol round of the match.

Infamous was able to win the first gun round of the half, as LEFP's „Joy“ was unable to retake the B bomb spot alone versus three players.

The deciding moment of the game occured in the 16th round,  once Infamous' „Twistadude and „GaKKy“ lost the 2v2 situation against LEFP's „Shame“ and „DeSPa1R, which brought their team to the match point.

LEFP got the last round with ease, winning the match 13:4.

Everyone on LEFP had their moments in this one and they got the victory because of an outstanding team effort.


Team LEFP started on the Terrorist side once again and we've seen „DeSPa1R“ make a huge play in the first round already.

He stopped the defuse from happening in the 1v2 situation versus „Twistadude“  and „Boltzie“.

In the third round of the match, Infamous decided to buy up and have three of the players with shotguns, which didn't pay off for them.

LEFP was able to keep  the distance and get the frags, which got them the round.

Infamous got on the scoreboard in the fifth round of the match and that was all thanks to „N4TSU_“ who was able to kill „Shame“, „RegreT“ and „Joy“ on the A-bomb site.

LEFP decided to push the A site in the following round.

Even though Infamous was able to get the initial two frags, „Joy“ and „DES1RE“ stepped up and won the round for their team.

The 7th round of the match featured an even exchange of frags, which resulted in Infamous winning the round, and once again it was „N4TSU_“ who saved his team as he was able to win a 1v2 situation.

In the next three rounds, we've seen LEFP get back to their winning path.

They made great entry frags, which allowed them to get to both of the bomb spots.

Infamous managed to win the 11th round of the match, with „Twistadude“ getting the last two kills in a 2v2 situation on the B site.

The last round of the half featured an A site execution by LEFP, which worked out well, as Infamous' „WarlordzzZ“ was unable to win 1v2 against „RegreT“ and „Joy“.

After the side swap, LEFP decided to push aggressively from the B bomb spot, which caught Infamous completely off guard, allowing LEFP to win yet another pistol round.

Building off the momentum, LEFP got themselves to the match point, as Infamous attempts to break through the defense didn't work.

In the 16th round, we've seen Infamous win an unfavorable 2v3 situation, as both „WarlordzzZ“ and „GaKKy“ got their frags just in time.

The last round of the match was a close one.

It was LEFP's „Shame“ who heroically clinched the victory for his team as he successfully killed „GaKKy“ and „Twistadude“ on the B bomb spot to finish off the game.

LEFP won the match with a 13:4 scoreline.

Joy“ was on fire in this game, as he acquired 23 frags in just 13 rounds!


In the last match of the series LEFP simply dominated.

They allowed Infamous to get only a single round on the Counter-Terrorist side.

Yet again we've seen „Joy“ put up big numbers. „DeSPa1R“ also had a fair share of frags compared to the rest of the team.

Learn From Past only lost 9 rounds over the course of 3 maps and there is no doubt that they are the best team in Asia.


It's going to be interesting to see if any Asian team can step up and challenge them in the upcoming tournaments.

Right now it seems LEFP is way ahead of the competition, but C-Ops is beautifully unpredictable and the situation can change pretty quickly.

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