Asian aftermath: What did we learn from Autumn Invitational?

December 28, 2018 18:15

Even though Asian team wasn't able to claim the title in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational 'EURASIA' part of the bracket, the teams that participated showed an immense amount of skills.

Here, we will focus on the key takeaways for the Asian region.


CSPG Gaming made it to the finals but has now disbanded

Not many people in the community expected CSPG Gaming to perform as well as they did in the Autumn Invitational.

Before the beginning of the season, they changed four of the players, and that didn't stop them from being the best team in Asia yet again.

In the Semi-Finals, their victory over SpaceX Gaming was the most impressive, as they were their biggest threat in the Asian part of the bracket.

In the Grand Finals, they played well against the finest European team (Dynasty), but in the end, they were not able to deliver and defend their title from the Summer Season.

Still, being able to bring this level of play with completely different lineup was impressive to see, to say the least.

The likes of NyT, Unravel, xzr and M4tt could have done a lot in the upcoming season, but now the team has decided to disband, which is very unfortunate.

There is always a chance we might see a new iteration of the team announced just before the next season, but that is not confirmed yet and it's just speculation on our part.

SpaceX Gaming is the favorite now

Now that CSPG Gaming is no more, SpaceX Gaming should at least on paper be the new king of Asia.

They did get heavily outplayed in the previous season by CSPG, however, that was their first season of playing together and consistency was clearly lacking.

Just after this season, both TikTok and Kiola decided to leave and we all know those two won't be easy to replace.

In return, the likes of Leapy, Rua, A17 and Vanish joined the fray, making this still a very formidable lineup.

If the team can get a lot of games under their belt until the next season, they will be very hard to beat.

Nightsky Rangers leave Ripple Esports and take back their original name

We've just managed to see Nightsky Rangers in the Quarterfinals of Autumn Invitational, where they ended up playing SpaceX Gaming.

That didn't go that well for the Japanese finest, as they only managed to win 8 rounds over the course of two maps.

Now, they've decided to bring BiBo into the team, and there is a chance this change might improve their results in the near future.

We do think it's hard to judge a team based of two maps we've seen during the Autumn Invitational, so the next events should give us a more clear picture of this team.

Team zG forms and is looking to compete against the best in the region

With team Unicorns disbanding, both Ankh and Obliviscor joined up a new team called Team zG.

It's also important to mention that xzr is also featured in this lineup, making this a very promising team that we're most likely going to see in the future competitions.

We're looking forward to seeing how well some of these players are going to gel together in the lineup.

Those are our thoughts on the Asian region.

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