June 25, 2018 12:33

Do you like sports in your eSports?

If the answer to that question is yes, then the provisional summer game mode coming to Arena of Valor, Football Fever, is going to leave you in a fever pitch.

Unless you are one of those normies who actually go outside to play football, this game mode is a dream come true for fervent football fans who want to celebrate the World Cup.

Heroes with the most movement and crowd control abilities will be able to dominate the mode’s short, fast-paced and exciting 4 minute matches.

To sweeten the deal, there are also 5 new thematically-appropriate skins coming out together with the new map.

Football Fever matches consist of 2 teams of 3 players.

Additionally, players will not be able to deal damage to enemies (well, except for the emotional damage of being outplayed).

However, you will still be able to crowd control your enemies, as well as position yourself favorably with mobility abilities.

Instead of doing damage, your basic attacks will kick the ball towards the enemy's goal (unsurprisingly).

You can also kick the ball even farther by using one of the new abilities, Volley, which kicks it all across the map in a straight line.

You will also be able to use a unique talent - Intercept - to block your opponents’ advances.

Finally, you will be given an ultimate ability - Gravity - which will make the ball follow you wherever you go for 5 seconds.

If that ability existed in real life, perhaps I would not suck at football.

In order to use your OP ultimate, you will need to accumulate a new resource: morale.

You gain morale when the enemy team scores a goal - wait what?

Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Regardless, it is a good comeback mechanism for losing teams as it gives them a powerful tool to catapult themselves back into the game.

If both teams have an equal amount of points when the 4th-minute mark hits, overtime will commence and the first team to score a goal will win the game.

The upcoming skins are as follows:






A 10/10 MEME

In conclusion, even though many video game fans -- including myself -- are not fans of football, this game mode seems really entertaining, especially when you see your favorite Arena of Valor heroes running on a grass field kicking a ball around.

If you do like football/soccer (don’t DM me), the mode is all the more exciting.

Prepare heroes who sport (no pun intended) a lot of dashes, flashes, stuns and jumps, as the player with the best use of movement and CC will be able to secure the win.

Find out more at the official AoV website.

Written by Robert Raos

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