Angel - Legacy, SetToDestroyX and Viral are all great teams

August 9, 2018 14:18

Vision Gaming had an amazing run in the first week of Valiance Summer Season.

They've managed to beat Nova eSports with a huge scoreline and also Team Elevate in a close game on Plaza.

By doing this, they've managed to beat the favorites already in the Group Stage!

To find you what's the key behind their latest success, we talk with the leader of the team – Angel.


Not so long ago, you attended the first ever Critical OPS LAN event.

There, you didn't really do well as you lost to Nova eSports and CSPG Gaming and got eliminated from the Group Stage.

How would you rate your performance there and do you have any regret since you ended up playing in an arguably easier Group?

As a team, I would say we did our best.

I would also say that our group was the easier one.

I don't regret bringing the people to the LAN event but would also choose a different roster for the next live event.

We did not have the chance to practice as much as we wanted to before the event and some of us were also busy with more important stuff prior to the event and therefore could not do as well as we wished to.

I can only talk for myself here but I think we did not play worse just because we had equal pings or were under more pressure.

I actually hate bringing up excuses - to make it simple: we just played worse than our opponents and threw a big lead against CsPG which was very unfortunate.

Now, your lineup looks a lot different since you have „str0ng“, „Quaredy“ and „DyN“.

In your opinion what do they bring to the team that you did not have before?

They definitely bring a lot of individual skill to our team.

Players like "Abz" and "Cheerio" were never planning on staying in the active competitive roster after the LAN event so we had to bring in new players.

So far I think there's a good synergy between the players and when we get our game rolling there are not many things that can stop us.

Already in the first week of Valiance, you managed to beat the favorites, at least on paper.

First, you dismantled Nova eSports on Bureau by winning them with a 13:2 scoreline.

Can you walk us through the match and tell us did you expect it to be harder then it turned out to be?

I went into the game not having any expectations and just tried to play as good as I can.

Of course, you rarely expect a match like this to finish with a one-sided scoreline like this but I was confident in myself and hope to have shown that in-game.

We started on the CT side and managed to get ten rounds on it. What made that possible was perfect communication in the team and individual plays that got us the edge over Nova.

We saw most of their pushes coming and managed to counter them.

On the remaining three rounds of the T side, there was not much more left to do than win the pistol round by a B fake initiated by me and a bomb plant on the A site.

After that, you faced Team Elevate on Plaza and this match wasn't that easy as you won it with 13:11 scoreline.

Did you think at any point you might lose this one and in your opinion what was the reason you were able to win it in the end?

Against Elevate I had a lot of issues with a bug on my iPad which didn't let me play normal but luckily my teammates were there to carry me to the victory.

I don't think anyone thought of losing the match since that would just demotivate you while playing.

In the end, we won because of rounds like the one where we stacked A long and managed to win the round with just one M4 bought.

It was a tough game for sure but we managed to come out on top.

Do you think there is any team left in Europe that could potentially beat you in the Group Stage?

The remaining teams we are going to face are Team Legacy, StDx, and Team Viral which are all great teams and when it comes to tournaments I will never underestimate anyone.

The biggest danger for us will probably be Team Viral which already beat StDx in the group stages and definitely look like a good team.

SetToDestroyX has also looked more confident and we will look out for them when we play against them.

Team Legacy was newly formed and has not looked as dangerous as the other two teams but you can never underestimate anyone so we won't slow down against them.

What is your general opinion about the European scene right now?

From season to season teams are improving and building a competitive environment that we have never seen before.

Like I said in my video interview I think that Europe has a lot of upcoming players that just need to find the right team to show what they can do.

A good example is Viral's ex-player „Loxi“ who is one of the youngest players but sits over other players on the scoreboard.

Is there something you wish to tell the Critical Ops scene?

If you want to play competitive don't give up after losing a tournament or getting rejected by big teams.

If you really want to do something it will just take time, dedication and passion.

It's nice to see how well Vision Gaming is playing right now.

Still, it's a bit early to call who's going to end up winning the season.

Nevertheless, Vision Gaming is a serious contender and teams need to watch out!

You can follow Vision Gaming at - @VisionGaming_GG

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