Angel: From Europe to North America and back again

January 12, 2018 18:47

Angel has been a well-known figure and a top player in Critical Ops community for quite some time now.

With a lot of players changing teams recently, his choice stood out as the most interesting one.

He decided to take on an challenge and join a North American team while being in Europe.

His adventure didn’t last too long, and he’s back playing back in Europe at the moment.

Of course, we just had to talk to him and discuss his decision. If you are also wondering why he did it, read on and enjoy!

You have been a long-standing Kings Uprising member, and it must have been hard to leave the team. Was there any conflict or is the lack of motivation the main reason for your departure?

I didn't really have any conflicts inside of the team it was just the lack of motivation and the inactivity of some members that made me look for a new team at that time.

After the departure, you switched to the North American scene by joining D2R Insidious. What brought you there after playing in EU for so long?

I basically went to a North American team because I thought that the times would not bother me and I didn't want to join any other European teams at that time.

On top of that D2R switched players around a lot and were looking for a stable fifth for their roster.

The ping difference doesn't really affect me either. I am used to playing with 100 - 150 ping since back in the days all tournaments were played on the US servers.

After the Valiance Autumn Season, where your team ended up second in the Group Stages, you decided to end your North American adventure and head back to Europe. You rejoined Kings Uprising again.

Can you please walk us through this change?

I actually did not play in any Valiance tournaments for D2R. Therefore the final place of D2R in the Autumn season did not really affect me at all.

I left D2R because there were problems inside of the team and I did not enjoy staying up late for the practice times.

I took a break from competitive gameplay for about a month and then decided to either form a new European team or join one. In the end, I decided to join one.

Do you think things will be different this time in Kings Uprising?

I think that the team can improve a lot and can beat any other team there is with enough preparations.

Additionally, we have new players from the old roster of Elevate who also brought new talent to the team.

Coming to the question: yes, I do think that things will be different but we will have to see in the future.

What are your goals for this year?

My only goal this year is that I gain as many youtube subscribers as possible and keep the level I played the past year. (Angel's Youtube)

When people ask me how to get better at certain things in the game I only can give one answer and that is to play the game.

Watching better players play definitely helps to learn new things but in the end, you have to try it yourself to get better at it.

So go join a TDM or defuse game and practice sniping.

Can you walk us through your practice regime with the scope?

I don't have a practice schedule. Some days I play a couple TDMs or ranked matches and after that a couple scrims with my team. I used to play more TDMs but now I don't as often.

Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

You have to work for the things you want to achieve.

We'd like to thank Angel for this insightful interview, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors with Kings Uprising, as that is after all his home.

You can follow him on Twitter at - @i0sAngel

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