Angel: Changes coming after Autumn Invitational

December 6, 2018 18:33

There is only 1 series left to be played out in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational, and that is European Grand Finals, where Vision Gaming and CSPG Gaming are scheduled to meet.

For this occasion, we’ve decided to talk with Angel from Vision Gaming in order to find out how their preparation is going for this series.

Hopefully, you will find this insightful!

Semi-Finals turned out to be a harder match than some might have expected.

S2 Gaming ran over you on Grounded (4:13).

Can you tell us what happened here and what made you lose so bad?

On Grounded we chose to start on the T side while we knew that this was S2's map pick and probably their best map.

With that decision, you set a lot on winning the first pistol round and get some rounds on the T side to be able to win the map.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get many rounds at all on either side and lost it.

Also, this being the first game some of us had to warm up to perform like “Adjure”.

On Legacy, your team looked incredible on both sides so to say.

In your opinion, what was the formula for success here?

For the second map, we tried our best to forget what happened in the first map and told ourselves that we have not lost yet.

Keeping the eyes on the current game and not giving up hope is very important when it comes to being down a map or a lot of rounds.

We definitely showed that we have the right mindset in these situations.

Both you and Adjure top fragged here – was that a big factor?

Obviously, people like "Adjure" and also myself did help to win Legacy but your own score is not that important to us.

Everyone in the team can be on top of the scoreboard or at the bottom and be valuable to the team disregarding their score.

In the end we focused on the game and did what we do best - play as a team and win.

The last map of the series (Bureau) ended up being super close, with one round deciding everything and you managing to come back from 9-12.

Can you walk us through this match and did you think you'd be out of the Autumn Invitational at any point?

Bureau was a struggle for us.

As you said we came back from a pretty big lead from the side of S2.

Once again I believe we didn't win as many rounds on the T side as we wanted to due to some unlucky rounds where the clutch situations were lost by my team.

On the CT side, we also lost the pistol round and were down 4-10 after an eco round from us.

It might have looked like it was over at this point since S2 only needed 3 more rounds to take the whole series but we stayed calm and played our own game.

We knew how they play on their T side and just adapted to it accordingly.

When you are in this situation you don't think about losing or winning the game - you just try to get round after round and don't look at how bad it is looking for you.

We also knew we had a small advantage due to being on the CT side for the rest of the game which gave us a small confidence boost.

Some individual plays and mid-round calls from us let us win most of the rounds at that point.

In the Grand Finals, you will face CSPG Gaming.

Are you surprised they were able to beat SpaceX Gaming that easily?

Just looking at the individual players that SpaceX had I thought they would have won the game, but there's always more to a team than just their individual skill.

I didn't watch the games but I saw the scores of the matches which were really close and I can't say that I expected it even though I know close to nothing about Asian teams right now.

How would you rate your chances coming into the Grand Finals?

Like I said I don't know a lot about Asian teams especially not a lot about CsPG at the moment.

Most of their old players that I knew are not playing anymore so right now I barely know their roster to be honest.

I would say that we have good chances of beating them on European servers but I am not sure how it will look on Asian servers.

Maybe it will come down to the last map and who wins more rounds on the previous maps and lastly the server of the last map which plays a very big role.

Who do you think is the biggest threat to you on their roster?

The only player that I know will play is "xzr" which previously was in King's Demise and did pretty good there.

Also, I am not sure if "Nyt" is still playing but he and "xzr" will probably be the most dangerous players from CsPG.

Anything you want to say to the community?

I hope we will make it interesting on Sunday even though the spectating will be a bit laggy due to the high pings.

Also, stay tuned for updates on my team since there will soon be a lot of changes to the team.

Do you think Vision Gaming can defend their title?

Tune in this Sunday and find out.

You can follow vision gaming at - @VisionGaming

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