Alpha teams up with Gankstars once again

May 10, 2018 16:48

There is more than one reason Alpha might just be the first one that comes to mind when we talk about players who truly belong at the very top and even though he might be infamous for his frequent team crossing, this former member of teams such as Team Phoenix Reign, D2R, 5Kings, Team Elevate and SSG proved time and time again he’s a name you want to have one your roster.

Now, despite the recent events occurring on the North American scene, Alpha made a decision of giving one of his old teams a second try.

We reached out to Alpha about his return to Gankstars, the current events, and the upcoming Critical Ops LAN.

Rejoining Gankstars definitely came as a surprise to everyone.

What led you to return to your old team?

GS Alpha - It was a surprise for me too.

The day "MVP" and "Solar" were exposed for hacking, "Judgement" hit me up in my DMs.

He asked me to join. I replied to him that I was thinking about it.

Team Elevate took me in and they were about to join a huge organization as well and it was either a LAN spot or this Tier 1 organization.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm an NA player, and playing under an EU team would be difficult for me mentally because that wasn't where I wanted to be.

I turned down the GS opportunity once for SSG and decided that I was not going to make the same mistake.

I really want to go to this LAN because it means the world and more to me and GS is my highest opportunity.

I still love E8, especially "Osynt", who is a brother to me.

It was most difficult to leave him, however, he told me it was my destiny, and no matter what choice I made he would support it.

With me in Gankstars, I can see the team stronger than ever, and hopefully, we can catch some championships.

Really looking forward to playing with this team.

How are you feeling about the current events on the NA scene?

GS Alpha - I feel as though North America is at its worst point.

Players are being exposed for using external, private hacks left and right, and even those who are clean are affected too.

Not only were the members of GS attached to "Solar" and "MVP" as teammates, but they were considered family for them.

It really hurt Gankstars more than anyone and it's good to see that they are taking the action of putting out a bounty on any hacker in GS.

It shows that they are really trying to be the team to make a difference in the community and I support it 110%.

I really hope that this LAN changes everything, and people are scared to hack, because as of now, during a live tournament you cannot hack.

Let's just see what else there is to be uncovered in NA; hopefully, all of the muck in the community has been raked out.

You’ve built quite a reputation when it comes to “team jumping” over the past few months but how does it affect you?

Do you use playing in different teams as a learning experience in terms of learning new tricks, strats, and methods?

GS Alpha - I see Critical Ops as a job, more than an entertainment.

When I "team jump" it's because I do what is best for me.

I don't really care what anyone has to say about anything because eventually when you're a winner everyone is going to put all that aside and hop on my wagon.

Playing in different teams is always good because it gives me the opportunity to study individual teams and players and once I get a sense of what everyone is capable of, I can use it against them or with them, to either harm them or benefit them.

Since the beginning of my time in this community I have been doing what is best for everyone around me, not paying any particular attention to myself, and what benefits me, and every time I made a "team decision" it always ended up hurting me and benefiting the people around me.

I've decided it's time for that to go. People have taken advantage of my generosity and have taken my personality for granted.

Now that I'm in GS everything is strictly business.

I'm ready to put all of North America under my shoe.

The Critical Ops LAN event is right around the corner.

How do you feel about Critical Force finally realizing this long-awaited live event?

GS Alpha - The LAN is right around the corner and I cannot wait.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Gankstars will be playing because if we are, I'm going to be on stage alongside all of my teammates.

Not only have I been waiting forever for this LAN event, but so has the community.

This is a great move forward for the competitive scene of the game.

Lastly, for the fans, I told you guys I'd be back on top soon.

This setback is only a stage in my comeback.

There's no time for mourning, only time for thriving.

Stay on my wave.

Thank you for being a fan, and if you aren't already you can become one as I would gladly take you in!

We'd like to thank Alpha for the interview and wish him best of luck.

You can follow Alpha at - Alpha_iOS

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