Alpha joins Elevate and tells his story

February 6, 2018 12:52

Not often do you see a player in the competitive Critical Ops scene change three top-tier teams in one month.

Alpha did just that and more.

He joined the best European team Elevate, which raised some eyebrows as he is from North America.

Of course, we decided to investigate further!

You know us, we want answers when something like this happens. ;)

We got in touch with Alpha and talked about his previous teams, his role in a new team and also his opinion on the comments that he receives from the Critical Ops community.


Recently, you have been on a team roller coaster. First, you left D2R to join 5Kings, then back to D2R, then you rejoined 5Kings, and now you have decided to leave 5Kings for good and join the best team in Europe at the moment – Team Elevate.

Can you walk us through the changes, and how you ended up in team Elevate at the end?

Basically, after I got kicked from D2R, I tried to join Gankstars on a trial but they didn’t want to have me. I was team-less for about 2 weeks just playing Fortnite.

Thankfully I have a great friend in that game who told me I had 21,000 subscribers on YouTube as well as fans globally who are waiting for me to make a decision on what team I’m going to join.

So one night I thought: “What am I going to do? Well, I can’t join D2R or Gankstars, I think I’m going to give 5Kings a shot.”

I joined 5Kings for a good 3 days. During that time period, the leader “cloudzz” was very arrogant, paid no attention to what was going on with his team and wasn’t open-minded.

We were getting beat left, right, and center. I tried to change the team, but he just wouldn’t listen to me.

After "Retroz" left, who also got frustrated by his attitude, I told myself that this isn’t where I wanted to be.

A team struggling and on the verge of disbandment wasn’t exactly the ideal team I had in my mind, so I left.

I was contemplating creating a new team, but there weren’t a lot of good teamless players out there at the time.

So I just told myself to join a team instead of sitting around waiting for people to leave teams and get off the contracts.

After a while, I decided to join team Elevate.

I played the previous ESL cup with them and did good (keep in mind I’m playing on European servers as a North American player) and after some thinking, they decided to take me in.

What are going to be your main tasks in the team, and what role will you play?

My main task will be to play rifle in the team and also pick up a U-ratio occasionally if needed.

We've seen Angel try a similar thing not so long ago, but he didn't play in another region for long.

Do you think this is the right team for you, considering you are from North America, and Elevate is European?

I switched to Europe because I saw "Angel" do it in North America and that worked fine for him, so I thought it can work for me too.

Plus, the timezones work out and I also joined team Elevate so I can dip into the glass of my European fan base and those to come (:

I definitely think Elevate is the right team, they are all amazing people, and it's always fun to play with them.

They understand me I understand them and when that happens the chemistry is good!

Judging by the comments in Critical Ops community, you are becoming notorious for swapping teams.

Do such comments mean anything to you?

Comments such as team hopping and whatsoever don't bother me.

When it comes down to winning I'll do anything.  And when I do win everyone will comment about me being a winner and not a team hopper.

Any words for your fans?

As for the fans, you all are amazing and are sticking through with me for the prime of my career and to those to come, I welcome you with open hands you will not be disappointed.

We'd like to thank Alpha for his insights and hope that he can achieve his goals with team Elevate.

You can follow Alpha at - Alpha_iOS

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