Akjon: When we're all on the same page, we are one of the most dangerous teams

September 4, 2018 17:16

D2R made it look easy against Impreza during the North American Summer Season Semi-Finals.

Now, they're set to play Hammers Esports in the Grand Finals.

In the interview with Akjon, we talk about their encounter with Impreza and their expectations for the upcoming Grand Finals.

Without further ado, here is the interview!


You made a quick work of Impreza on Bureau by winning the match with 13:2 scoreline.

Right after that, you finished the series by taking Canals in a convincing fashion as well. (13:3)

Did you expect a harder series then it turned out to be?

I think people expected our games versus Impreza to be closer because when we played them first it was 13-12.

But, the thing about that first game was that we were playing with “Kam”.

"Kam" had only recently been able to play.

In the month prior we had been very dominant in scrims but we were using a different lineup, utilizing "koado".  

Just days before our first group stage match “Kam” finally was able to play.

This was great because he is an amazing player, but we had developed great chemistry with a different lineup so adapting to "Kam’s" play style and creating new chemistry is not something that happens overnight.

This lack of chemistry was exemplified in our game as we almost lost to Impreza, a team that in my opinion shouldn’t have been able to compete with us.

After that game, each week we were able to get more and more practice in, developing our team and increasing our chemistry.

This refinement has been on display each Saturday, as well as in the Semi-Finals match, as our results have gotten better and more dominant.

When we all are on the same page, I think we are one of the most dangerous teams in the game.

And given that fact, I did not expect Impreza to be much of a challenge and the games went pretty much as expected.

On Bureau we started on the CT side, knowing that Impreza’s T side would not be enough to break through our strong CT side.

With “Milio” and “MVP” having A on lock, "koado" and I holding down mid, and “Kam” standing strong on B, it’s not a surprise that they were only able to get 2 rounds on T.

After the swap, thanks to a smart call by "koado", we were able to win pistol and win the rest of the game easily from there.

On Canals, now that our main IGL was back, (“Toast” was not home the first game) we started on the Terrorist side and throughout the half, Impreza was outgunned and couldn’t figure how to counter our strategies.

One round we would play a default setup and get the picks, and they would try to adapt to it the next but we would push something and catch them by surprise.

This pattern continued until the swap and after winning the pistol on CT, the rest of the game was a breeze.

In the Grand Finals, you are set to play Hammers Esports.

Are you surprised by the fact that you won't be playing Gankstars?

I am not very surprised that we are facing Hammers in the finals.

For a while now, in scrims, Gankstars has not felt like that dominant force seen at Mobile Masters, but rather an increasingly disorganized team lacking structure or motivation.

Hammers, in my opinion, has been quite the opposite.

After losing at LAN, they have been extremely motivated to become the best, and day in and day out I see them grinding until late.

This Hammers team is eager to win, so to see them crush Gankstars in the Semi-Finals was no surprise to me.

To answer the question regarding is this better for us - Personally, I would have rather played Gankstars in the finals just because of the fact that it would have been nice for us to be the ones to dethrone them.

But, gameplay wise we will approach this the same.

No matter who we end up playing in the Grand Finals, they are just another team standing in our path to success and we will do whatever it takes.

Would you say you are the favorites in this match and how would you rate your chances of winning the finals?

Like I said earlier, when we are all on the same page, we are one of the most dangerous teams in the game.

I think if everyone does their job, we certainly should be able to win this with ease.

The only things that could hold us back would be an internal strife, or lack of communication, which both have not been problems for us in this tournament so far.

Anything you wanna say to people that will be watching the match?

To all the people watching, I want to first thank you guys for supporting the growing Critical-Ops eSports Scene!

Tell your friends about the game and help it grow.

Secondly, to those of you supporting us, you guys really mean a lot to us and your support is greatly appreciated!

Lastly, may the best team win!

Also, if you haven’t already subscribed to me, check out my channel - @AkjonYouTube

D2R is looking incredibly strong, and they should be the favorite in the Grand Finals.

Hammers Esports can't be counted out as well.

Nevertheless, we're expecting a close matchup and both of the teams have high chances to become the champion.

We'd like to thank Akjon for the extensive interview and we wish D2R best of luck in the Grand Finals.

Do you think D2R is the favorite?

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