Adria Series #1 - Grand Finale - Domi vs Tin

June 20, 2017 10:55

Domi opened up the Finals with a massive left lane push demolishing Tin's defense ending it with a quick 3 crown victory and taking a 1-0 lead.

The second game was pretty tame as Tin started off with a great left lane push basically taking out Domi's tower in a single push which pretty much ended the 2nd game in Tin's favor. The tables turned in the 3rd match as this time Domi had the x-bow deck trying to surprise his fellow clanmate, which he did and punished Tin. While he was pushing the right lane, Domi dropped the x-bow which locked onto the left tower straight away, securing the 2-1 lead.
Then a complete surprise by Tin as he pulled out an ace out of his sleeve - a Giant Skeleton! It caught Domi completely off-guard and demolished his left side tower which basically secured the tie for Tin. The match for 100$ went down the wire.
Both players had graveyard decks with some variations between them. It all came down to who got the better cycle and it was Domi with a well-timed Graveyard accompanied by the Night Witch. Without Lightning it was impossible for Tin to stage a comeback and Domi took home the cash.

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