A very one sided week one in Asia

February 22, 2018 16:44

Coming into the first week of the Asian Group Stages, we were eager to see how the newcomers would fare in the spotlight.

It was also nearly impossible to predict the outcomes, because of all the new faces and really close qualifiers.

So we just went with the flow and enjoyed the games. :)

This is the breakdown of everything that we've seen in the first week.


CSPG making a statement (CSPG Immortals vs TEAM AyX)

The match was played on Grounded.

CSPG started off strong on the CT side by winning the pistol round without too many problems.

The next round brought us a play worth remembering when „NyT“ kiled both „Iris_Liya1“ and „Mill“ in the 1v2 situation to secure another round for CSGP.

Team AyX came close to winning their first round in the fifth try, but their attempt was shut down yet again by „NyT“. He won another clutch, this time killing „RecyMk2“ on B bomb spot in the last seconds of the round.

AyX finally got their first point in the 7th round by successfully executing a play on the A site, however, the situation was already looking grim for them as Grounded is known for being a Terrorist sided map.

It's important to note that even this round came close, as „Mill“ had to win a 1v1 versus „Stealth“ to grab it.

In the remainder of the half Team AyX won just one more round, making it one of the weaker performances we've seen on this map.

After the side swap, CSPG Immortals showed us yet again how strong their pistols rounds are this season as they got another one.

The final nail in the coffin of Team AyX came at the 11:2 scoreline when „NyT“  managed to win yet another 1v1 duel for his team.

Team AyX did win the following round, but climbing back from this point was next to impossible and  CSPG Immortals soon clinched a dominant 13:3 victory.

NyT“ was definitely the MVP of this match. He got so many rounds for his teams with his insane clutch plays and died only 4 times!

LEFP looking as strong as ever (LEFP vs Awakened)

The map of choice for this one was Canals.

LEFP got an early lead by dominating the first three rounds, and there wasn't much that team Awakened could have done.

The fourth round featured an even exchange on the B site, that came down to a 1v1, where LEFP's „Rel4x“ got the better of „Lies2k“ to extend his team's lead even further.

In the following round, we've seen some great plays by Awakened's „Posture“ on the A site where he managed to get a double kill on „Rel4x“ and „Despa1R“ and got his team on the scoreboard.

Teams started trading rounds for a while, but then LEFP pulled ahead as they mixed it up a bit and changed their gameplan.

The first half ended with a 9:3 lead in favor of LEFP, leaving them in a very comfortable position for the upcoming half.

Once the sides swapped, it was all LEFP again, as they read the pistol round perfectly and rotated just in time to stop Awakened's B attempt.

Team Awakened did manage to plant the bomb in the 15th round and just when things looked great for them, LEFP's Des1re“ and „Despa1r“ made a textbook retake of the A bombsite to get yet another round for their team.

In the last round of the match, Awakened's „BiBo“ was left in a clutch situation against „Shame“ which he ultimately lost, resulting in a 13:3 victory for LEFP.

Learn From Past” really looked great in this match, and honestly, considering how well they can play, we don't expect anything less from them.

Shaky performance by No Mercy (Infamous vs No Mercy)

Another match, another Canals map.

Infamous started on the Terrorist side with a quick A site rush, which worked out great.

However, thanks to “Flashee”, it was still a close round as he almost won a 1v3 situation with some stellar plays.

Infamous kept on rolling and got the next six rounds as well, extending their lead even further.

Infamous fakes looked great, and No Mercy Counter-Terrorist side looked lackluster.

Most of those rounds didn't even come close, as Infamous took the commanding lead.

In the 8th round, „No Mercy“ showed some signs of life and then they finally got some rounds, ending the half with a 6 rounds deficit.

Infamous mid push on the Counter-Terrorist pistol round caught No Mercy completely off guard which, resulted in a yet another pistol round win for Infamous..

Infamous got the momentum and the following 2 rounds, as No Mercy was forced to eco.

Both „Boltzie" and „DinamicWasTaken“ had a flashy triple kill at the end of those rounds.

In the end „No Mercy“ tried their best to win the next 10 rounds, but the task was just too hard and Infamous won the match 13:6.

Infamous looked great in their opening match, making them look like a top contender for the top 3 spots in the Group Stage.

That’s all for week one of the Asian Group Stage.

Make sure to tune in this week to see how the situation will develop and which of the top teams will be defeated first.

You can watch us live at youtube.com/valiancegg

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