A double interview before the Asian Grand Finals - LEFP vs IFM

March 21, 2018 15:15

The Critical Ops Winter Season Asian Grand Finals are just around the corner and it’s a matchup not many of us saw coming at the start of the season.

We wanted to know how both teams are preparing for the big match and did a double interview this time!

First we talked with Infamous (Twistadude), and after that we got some answers from LEFP (DeSPaiR).

Enjoy it and let us now what do you think about this double format. ;)

Part 1: Infamous

You managed grab two nailbitting wins in the semifinals against  CsPG Immortals. Both times the score was 13:2 and in the second match you managed a huge comeback on Grounded.

You won the match despite being down 1:11 at some point! In your opinion, was Gakky's insane performance the reason why you were able to win these games?

iFM Twistadude: Yup, the biggest reason why we have managed to beat CsPG Immortals is the fact that Gakky performed outstandingly. I'd also like to point that the teamwork was also on point for that match.

What does it mean to you and your team to make it all the way from the Ladder Qualifiers to the Grand Finals of the Asian Region?

iFM Twistadude: This means a lot for us, especially since we lost in the Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers.

At the start, once we lost in the Open Qualifiers, we thought that we wouldn't be able to prove that we're one of the best teams in the region and that all hope was lost.

But thanks to the Ladder System, we've managed to qualify for the Winter Season.

We believed that we could do it and we practiced a lot which paid off in the end.

LEFP (Learn From Past), which is arguably the best team in the region, awaits you in the Grand Finals. Do you have something special in store for them, or are you going to play like in your previous matches?

iFM Twistadude: Without a doubt, LEFP is one of the best teams in whole Asia.

I would describe their team as a „jack of all trades“.

In the Grand-Finals, we're not going to play like we played versus CsPG Immortals.

We need to play much better and we also need to fix every single point that casters said during the live stream.

How are your preparations going so far?

iFM Twistadude: I would say that our preparation is good and we're well aware who we're going to face in the Grand Finals.

Considering it's a best of five for the Grand Finals, who do you think has the advantage?

iFM Twistadude: LEFP surely has an advantage as they already played such matches and this is going to be the first time for us to experience such pressure.

Anything you'd like to say to everyone that will be watching?

iFM Twistadude: I'd like to thank all of the Infamous supporters that cheered for us during the live stream.

It's also the first time for us to play at such a high level and surely it's going to be hard.

There is a chance that we're going to get 3-0'd by LEFP, but we aren't losing hope and we want to prove our potential.

Also, I'd like to give special shoutouts to "Akidog", „Sanpie“, and „badvibes“ that supported us during our preparation time.

Part 2: Learn From the Past

You beat No Mercy in semifinals without too much problems. It was a convincing 2-0 win. Now, you are going to play  Infamous in the Grand-Finals. Are you surprised you will be facing them instead of CsPG Immortals?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: Yes, we're kind of surprised how things turned out in the end.

During the Group Stages, we were able to beat CsPG Immortals with a huge scoreline difference (13-1).

I believed that this touched them as a team and was hoping to see them perform stronger in the match, but I really don't know what happened to them.

But as you know, in the previous season we were considered as the underdog team and we almost got the number one spot in Asia.

It can definitely happen sometimes .

Lose is a lose. I'll just say congratulations to Infamous!

What do you think of IFM as a team?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: iFM showed really good games in the latest matches they've played and I would say the biggest reason for that is the recent recruitment of the Japanese players.

I love one player from that team, in particular, a lot – Twistadude.

He used to be one of my fanboys for a long time and I'd say even now!

So I decided to help him a bit. I can't really say how I did it, but after that, they started winning.

I'm very proud of them.

Would you say you have an advantage considering it's a best of five match?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: I don't really want to write anything about this, other than good luck to iFM!

Are you preparing anything special for this matchup, or you will just play as you did before?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: I'm not sure if we will do something special, but I can say I'll do what I usually do in matches.

It could be that we're going to use the same strategy, but it could also be completely different than other matches.

In the last season you were not able to advance from the Group Stages, and now you have the chance to redeem yourself and claim the title of the best team in Asia. What will it mean to you and your team if you'll win it all?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: All the time we do same mistakes, and it makes us hit the bottom.

It would mean a lot if we can claim the number one spot in Asia, but if we don't do it, it won't be an end for us.

We will do better in the future and try to get number one in the world!

Is there something you wish to say to your fans?

LEFP's DeSPaiR: Our whole team is Japanese and unfortunately, the game is still not released in the Japanese AppStore.

This is something that I'd like to see in the near future, so more players from our community could join.

I'd like to thank all of our fans for supporting us!

We'd like to wish both of the team's good luck in the upcoming match and may the best team win!

Make sure to follow us once we go live at youtube.com/valiancegg and watch the spectacular finish of the Asian Winter Season.

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