A chat with Legacy - Merger with U4X, Semi-Final match, and more

November 13, 2018 14:51

Not so long ago, D2R which is the most prominent team in North America right now merged with an organization called U4X.

During the first week of the Autumn Invitational, they encountered some difficulties in the matchup with Public Enemy, but in the end, they were able to step up and win the series.

As per usual, we decided to talk with the man who created D2R (Legacy) in order to get his insight.

In the interview, we discuss their game with Public Enemy, joining of U4X and their upcoming match with Hammers Esports among other things.

MVP” was shared his thoughts about the Semi-Final match.


You have just merged with U4X.GG prior to the start of the season.

What's the main reason behind this decision?

We felt that a merge with a bigger organization would be good for the competitive scene and also allow our own growth.

U4X brings experience from ElevateGG and Team Secret to name a few, and to get the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the scene will help us in the long run.

You didn't look unbeatable in the first week of the Autumn Invitational, as Public Enemy pushed you into the third map.

Can you walk us through each game here and tell us what happened?

Just like in the previous season, we were pushed to the limits in the Group Stage phase.

Every team in the Autumn Invitational is there for a good reason.

Our goal is to simply win and move on to the next round.

If we can continuously achieve that, then we have accomplished what we’ve set out to do.

Were you at any point concerned that you might lose this one and go out in the Quarterfinals?

I have all the faith and confidence in our team.

They put in the work and they’re very talented players.

Of course, it’s nerve-racking watching from the sidelines, but you have to let the players play and do their job.

Public Enemy certainly showed up, but the best of 3 format allows us to make adjustments map to map.

The team is experienced enough to switch things up on the fly and adapt to the situation.

They have all played in the biggest tournaments and also on the biggest stage as well.

We count on their experience and the leadership within the team to calm everyone even in dire situations.

Next up you are playing Hammers Esports.

What are your expectations for this match?

Do you need to play way better in order to advance into the grand finals compared to the match with Public Enemy?

Hammers Esports is no joke.

With the addition of “Night” and subtraction of “Vitaly”, the move certainly shakes up their roster and how we need to prepare for them.

I doubt they will make the same mistakes they made in the past.

They are a very consistent team and we need to come out strong in the first 2 maps while putting pressure on them.

Winning the eco rounds is a must, as they are great at adapting their game as well.

If we can get the round and the money advantage early on, it will certainly be a key to success.

If we can stick to our game plan, I believe we will come out victorious.

This is what "MVP" had to say about the upcoming match;

My expectations for the match with Hammers Esports is us winning by a good amount of rounds.

We’re not only going to win, but the margin we win by won’t be even close this time.

When we play against Hammer, we will obviously need to play better than we did vs Public Enemy, since Hammers are a better team.

They’re also a team that will capitalize on mistakes that we make, so we need to bring our A-game into this matchup.”

In your opinion, how are "Kingeh" and "Matt" adjusting to the team, and who's the in the game leading now in the team since  "Toast" is out?

The addition of “Kingeh” and return of “Luis” brings some firepower as well as experience needed to play at this stage.

With their abilities to clutch out the situations as well as hold the sites, puts less pressure on other players.

Obviously, with our former in-game leader “Toast” leaving the team, we needed to make proper adjustments.

With our talent, we still believe we can defeat the best teams in the world.

Do you think it's a big setback that you don't have "Kam " anymore?

“Kam” is one of those generational players.

With that being said, “Milio”, “Akjon”, “MVP”, “Luis”, and “Kingehhave also collected several accolades within their careers.

Critical Ops is a team game where there’s certainly a balance needed to continue to dominate in the scene.

It’s hard to maintain a lineup, but I believe the foundation that we have, gives us the opportunity to continue to be successful.

Is there something you wish to share with the Critical Ops community?

To all of our fans, thank you for the continued support over the years as we’ve continued to grow with you.

We will do our best to bring home another championship for you.

Make sure you watch the stream and cheer for us!

We can’t wait to see U4X play against Hammer Esports.

It will defiantly be interesting to see if they can win the championship once again!

You can follow U4X at - @U4XGG

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