A Big Surprise In The European Quarterfinals

May 3, 2018 13:38

European quarterfinals showed us that being the favorite doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a spot in the next round - not even if you are the  Winter Season Champion.

Yes, an upset happened!

Let’s see how both European quarterfinals played out.

Dynasty vs Nova eSports

Map: Bureau

Dynasty began the match on the Terrorist side. They decided to attack the A-bomb spot in the pistol round, and their advance ended up in a 1v1 situation, where we've seen Dsy's „Kuba“ prevail over NE's „Naarkz“.

In the following eco round, Nova eSports got three kills, but then lost the round as Dsy's „Hushy“ was able to close it out.

The first gun round of the game ended up being a close one.

Dsy's „Adjure“ ended up being the sole survivor against three NE players.

He did manage to kill „Grizz“ and „Pokus“,  however, „Naarkz“ made sure to get the round for his team by playing smart and letting „Adjure“ run out of time to plant the bomb.

In the next round Dynasty opted to rush the A site, which Nova eSports left undefended. Nevertheless, Nova eSports  were able to deny the bomb plant and retake the site.

In the 5th round Dynasty decided to rush the B bomb spot and got a triple entry frag thanks to „Adjure“ and „Angel“. Nova eSports returned the favor and the round ended up in a 1v1, where Dsy's „Timez“ triumphed over NE's „Naarkz“.

The next round of the match looked a lot like the previous one, just on the A-bomb spot, putting both teams in a 1v1 situation once more.

Dynasty once again got the better of Nova, as „Adjure“ defeated „GeNeS1S“, increasing his team's lead to two rounds.

Dynasty continued pushing the A site in the 7th round of the match, having a significant advantage just after the bomb plant. NE „GeneS1s was alone against three opponents. He did manage to kill both Dsy's „Timez“ and „Hushy“, but was unable to get „Angel“ and the bomb defuse.

Luck smiled upon Nova eSports in the next round, as „VattenKanna“ won a one-versus-two on the B bomb spot with „Angel“ and „Kuba“ involved, winning a much needed round for his team.

The following two rounds ended up in a 1v2 situations.

Both times the team with more players won, resulting in teams trading the rounds.

Until the end of the half, Nova eSports just couldn't deflect any more of Dynasty pushes and entered the second half with a four round deficit.

Dynasty got all the clutch situations and looked very confident.

Once the sides swapped, Nova eSports opted to push the A site.

Even though the initial duels went into Dynasty’s favor, „VattenKanna“ brought the round to a 1v1, but then lost to Dsy's „Angel“.

Nova eSports lost the following eco round, however, they did win the first gun round of the second half and that was thanks to „GeNeS1s“ who managed to outplay „Hushy“ on the B bomb spot.

Dynasty was forced into an eco next round, but that didn't stop them. „Hushy“ got an entry frag and „Angel“ followed with a triple kill that stopped Nova eSports’ push.

In the 17th round, Nova eSports redeemed themselves for the previous blunder with „Pokus“ winning a 1v2 against „Adjure“ and „Angel“ on the B bomb spot.

Dynasty didn’t waste any more time and closed out the game with two very convincing CT rounds, ending the match with a 13:6 scoreline.

We expected more from NE's „Grizz“ in this matchup since we know how good he can play on Bureau and how he can close down parts of the map with a shotgun.

Map: Canals

This time it was Nova eSports starting the match on the Terrorist side of the map.

In the pistol round, they got a hold off the A site and defended it successfully with three players, without losing a single man during the Dynasty retake attempt.

Nova eSports played it smart in the following eco round as well, sending „VattenKanna“ as a scout to see which bomb spot Dynasty decided to stack, allowing them to secure another round.

Dsy's „Kuba“ made a heroic play in the round after that, by winning a 1v1 situation against „NaYmaD“, getting his team a very important round, since Dynasty opted for another eco in this one.

In the fourth round of the match, Nova eSports decided to make a force buy that paid off, as they were able to get an entry frag and plant the bomb on the A site.  

NE's „VattenKannas“ triple kill made it much easier for his team to win this one.

Nova eSports continued their great play in the following round by getting several entry frags at different locations on the map, allowing them to clinch the round.

Dynasty won yet another eco round in the 6th round thanks to „Kuba“ and „Adjure“, who were able to retake the A site and defuse the bomb.

In the following two rounds, Dynasty tied the score.

First, NE's "NaYmaD“ was unable to win a 1v2 situation and right after that, „Grizz“ couldn't stop „Hushy“ from defusing the bomb on the B bomb spot.

During the 9th round of the match, Dynasty had a four-versus-two advantage going into the retake on the B bomb spot, but that wasn't enough.

NE's „NaYmaD“ and „PokuS“ were able to defend the bomb spot, by getting a double kill each.

Until the end of the half, both teams traded rounds, with Dynasty managing to even the score once again

After the side swap, Dynasty managed to plant the bomb on the A site. Initial frags went into Dynasty's favor and NE's „Grizz“ was put in a difficult 1v3 situation, which he couldn't win, allowing Dynasty to get the lead for the first time in the match.

Dynasty got the following eco round fairly easily, however, NE returned the favor in the round after that with „NaYmaD“ and „Grizz“ taking down “Kuba” in a 2vs1.

The 16th round of the match featured a very slow execution by Dynasty on the B bomb spot. It didn't work out as planned, as „Timez“ plant was denied in the last seconds by NE's „PoKuS“.

Teams traded some blows and brough the scoreline to 10:10.

Dynasty started to shift towards middle area of the map and then towards the A bomb spot in the 21st round. „Adjure“ and „Angel“ managed to open up the A-bomb spot and put their team in the lead once more.

Dynasty decided to do a quick A bomb spot push in 22nd round.

Before the push started Dsy's „Timez“ accidentally killed himself with a grenade, making his team’s push weaker.

Eventually, the round put Dsy's „Kuba“ into a 1v2 situation against „VattenKanna“ and „Pokus“ where he failed to deliver.

NE's „Pokus“ made a monumental play for his team in the 24th round of the match, killing all members of Dynasty and bringing his team to the match point.

Dynasty kept their composure, winning the following round with a B bomb spot execution, making the last round of the match the deciding one.

Dynasty opted to make an A site hit in the last round of the match. „Adjure“ managed two entry frags, eliminating „GeNeS1S“ and „Grizz“.

In the end, NE’s „NaymaD“ was in a 1v4 situation, where he couldn't do much and Dynasty managed to win the game 13-12.

This was one of the most insane matches of the season, with teams literally trading round after round.

Adjure“ made a huge play in the end with the entry frags, allowing his team to advance to the Semi-Finals with a 2-0 scoreline.

Team Elevate vs SetToDestroyX

Map: Canals

SetToDestroyX's Terrorist side didn’t look great, as they only won two rounds.

Later on, they started to mount a comeback, but it was too late, as Team Elevate only had to win 3 rounds.

Map: Legacy

SetToDestroyX displayed another weak Terrorist side here, winning only 3 rounds.

In the second half, they showcased their skills, but yet again Elevate was able to grab a few points they needed before the situation got out of hand.

STDX's „DeadBear“ had some great plays on this map.

Semifinals of EURASIA will be played on 13th of May and we are sure we’re going to see some quality C-Ops!

Who are you cheering for? Are you surprised by any of the results in the Quarterfinals?

Let us know in the comments!

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